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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mk 4:1-20 Seeds And Paths

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Jesus said to the crowd:  “Hear this!  A sower went out to sow.  And as he sowed, some seed fell on the path, and the birds came and ate it up.  Other seed fell on rocky ground where it had little soil.  It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep.  And when the sun rose, it was scorched and it withered for lack of roots.  Some seed fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked it and it produced no grain.  And some seed fell on rich soil and produced fruit.”
Seed that fell on the path.  These are the ones who “just” believe in God, and to believe in a god, any god, is no big deal, for even the devil believes in God.  The unfortunate reality of this seed is that it never had a chance to grow because it never had a chance to settle in.  The world around them was too harsh. 
Babies get baptized into the faith all the time and then… they disappear.  Young adults go to Catechism classes and get confirmed, and then… they disappear.  Why?  What happened?  The unfortunate reality of these children is that they never got a chance to grow because they never got a chance to settle in.  They were rushed in by their parents and rushed out.  They were thrown in one day and blown away the next.  Did the graces they receive ever get a chance to mature?  Not on the path of self-reliance.  Not on the path of “I know better.”  Not on the path of self-righteousness.  No!  Not even the path paved with a ton of opinions and very little study would do the trick. 
This seed was snatched as soon as it fell.   There were birds hiding and waiting.    
The birds came and ate it up.  To believe in God means to embrace the Lord in every single aspect of your life.  It means to allow Him to be the one and only one to define who you are and what you should do.  What exactly does it mean to believe in God?  It means to be another Christ.  What exactly does it mean to not believe in God?  It means to become fodder – a meal - for creatures.  This is exactly what is happening to so many of our youth today.  They are getting picked off like seed, along the path that leads to destruction.  Of course they thought they had chosen the path that would bring them success.  Instead, it turned out to be a path taken by many before them, in which they were used and sold as fodder – a means to an end - for creatures to maintain power over them.
Seed Sown on rocky ground.  These are the ones who receive the word of God with great joy, but when tribulation or persecution comes because of the Word, they quickly fall away.
Just recently I heard that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) may be reversing their long standing opposition regarding gay scout leaders.  If you recall, this organization studied the matter for nearly two years and recently concluded that it would be best for the ban to be maintained.  Now, six months later, they may be reversing their decision.  Why?  It's clear.
If these rumors are true, then the BSA's change of heart has nothing to do with additional study but with additional pressure: pressure from within and from without.  The BSA has finally been dragged into place…last place, right behind the Susan G. Komen foundation.  [Whenever an organization reverses itself in less than a week it has nothing to do with a change of heart, but with a loss of a lot of change.] 
I think many parents across the country will have a tough choice ahead of them if the BSA reverses itself.  Why?  Not so much for their reversal on gay scout leaders, but for the fact that their decision is inconsistent with their mission.  The BSA prides itself in raising boys to men.  So when did surrendering under pressure make someone a man? 
Now I also heard (from the local media) that the BSA leadership may be abdicating their role in setting policy by allowing local branches to decide for themselves.  Believe me when I tell you, like every weak leader and council, this is simply a well known strategy to shift attention and focus away from them and place the burden on others.  Let’s have no doubts about it.  In the end, the leaders betrayed their followers and all will have to fall in place, one way or another, today or tomorrow, because of them. 
The BSA, after so many hard fought legal battles and victories, may have surrendered their morals and values to public opinion and investors.  What merit badge can one earn from that? 

Well, I never did hear clear reasons for the BSA's ban, so I'm somewhat curious to hear the reasons for their reversal (if it happens).
Very few institutions have the soil it takes for seed to take root and grow.  Most are simply content with their members falling in line and following the path of saying and doing what is expected of them. Unfortunately, they only end up getting swallowed. 

But the Lord made it clear:  seed needs rich soil, and we know how soil becomes rich.  In fact, most people who consider the Church their enemy actually describe us quite accurately, which may explain our longevity. 


  1. I am confused. Yesterday I read to help and love your brother in need. Today I read if he is gay he is an outcast?

  2. Is that what you read? Read it again. Where is the word "outcast"? You just wrote that you read it. Where???

    I'm sorry, but standing up for your beliefs is not creating outcasts. If anyone is an outcast today then it is the faithful Catholic and the unborn child - actually, they are cast away.

  3. But why is it not possible to be gay and walk with Christ? Wouldn't John 3:14 be more important than Leviticus 20:13? if two people are a happy and productive couple together that positively impacts society what do their genders matter?

    1. It IS possible to be gay and walk with Christ. In fact, as possible as it is to be heterosexual and walk with Christ. I don't think one verse in the bible is less important than the other. What I think is very important is that both verses are respected. Love does not mean that everything is permissible. There have always been relationships deemed not right or proper. But Love of God is not restricted to heterosexuals. And love of neighbor is not restricted to certain neighbors.

  4. Father, with the controversy about the scout leaders aside, I'm interested on your thoughts as to why KIDS shouldn't be able to participate in Boy Scouts like all their other friends because of their sexual orientation? It seems like discrimination to me, and that really bothers me because regardless of what moral or political stance a person has, I believe we have a Christians have a responsibility to love and accept regardless- because it isn't our place to judge, but God's. BSA was a big part of my brothers and a lot of my friends childhoods, and I can't imagine that being taken from them because they had the courage to come out as a kid or adolescent. Furthermore, would banning gay children from participating in BSA really prevent gay boys from taking part? It could do one of two things in my opinion: 1) prevent them from participating because they know they aren't welcome, contributing to the negativity they are already receiving because they are openly gay or 2) prevent them from coming out, which can lead to extensive struggle and contribute to feelings of isolation and confusion. This is a vital time in a boy's childhood and development, and BSA is such a great program that it has taught so many valuable skills, developed character, and changed & saved boy's lives during this critical period. Father, what are your thoughts on banning gay boys vs. banning gay Scout Leaders? Thanks for your consideration.

  5. I intentionally did not say I agreed or disagreed with their ban. Because I don't understand it. But what I did write about is the fact that they did a two year study and made a conclusion and now, six months later, it is reported that they are about to make a new decision, which I think I understand; that is, they are changing under pressure.

    Is this leadership? Is this teaching young boys how to be young men, how to be good citizens? Is this how you stand up for your long enduring principles and values? For me, it is not. And whatever else they teach is empty, not satisfactory.

    All organizations have something good about them and most continue to exist because most people "settle" with it.

    But for me, I have more respect for an organization that holds on to their principles come rack or rope. Look, someone can either hate or love the Catholic Church, but they can't say it changes from one day to the next, especially with regards to faith and morals, and definitely not due to pressure.

  6. Grace (seeds) builds (falls) on nature (rich soil).
    Girls do not need an initiation into womanhood; it happens to her naturally, she is passive and accepting. However, boys need an initiation into manhood, but it must be active – he must somehow experience something that changes his understanding, his psychology of childish ways into manly ways of thinking. “When you were a child, you acted as a child…..” I believe this ‘cultural transformation’ has to happen before grace can reach its heights! Grace cannot build if ‘nature’ is not there. The seeds will fall on everything but rich ground. This male transformation hasn’t happened in our American society which is infiltrated by teenage thinking, esp in our government and now it seems in the BSA!! It runs rampant throughout society. Many other cultures continue to initiate their boys – actually brutal in some places…..but those initiated ‘know’ that they have endured an ordeal! They have survived! Now you can throw pretty much anything at them and they will be able to handle it. It seems the American societal institutions are wimping out in making our boys men, so I do agree that the parents and Church will have to take even more responsibility in making this happen in our son’s life.
    Men are the backbones of society (women are the brains :) ) If we lose this collective backbone, we will get to look forward to an individual struggle which cannot hold at the level of living we are in.
    It seems that Christ’s second coming is so near: “Will I find any faith …..”
    Speaking of initiations: Why can’t the Church help out in this area and allow (promote) Confirmation as a rite of passage? It doesn’t make ANY sense to me otherwise!


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