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Friday, November 8, 2013

Lk 15:1-10 Avoiding Others?

Thursday of the Thirty-First Week in Ordinary Time
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The tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to listen to Jesus, but the Pharisees and scribes began to complain, saying, "This man welcomes sinners and eats with them."

I avoid them at all cost.  We all have our list.  I have mine.  It is not written on paper.  Mine is written (burned) into my brain.  The list contains the names of those people I do not welcome into my life.  Some of them have hurt me dearly.  Others have been a nuisance to me - they ask too many favors.  As soon as I see one I turn around and, as if nothing happened, I walk away.  I even have spies who give me the heads up when danger approaches.

What am I thinking?  Have I forgotten?  Christians exist for the brokenhearted, period.  This is the reason for our existence.  While others run from others, we run towards them.  We are the Kevlar vests for the defenseless.  We are the  Lord's "first responders."  And we do not get paid for it.  We do not need to.  To be holy is something supernatural, not extraordinary.  It requires grace, not talent. 

Hug more.  Love more.  Be out there more.  Take five minutes of your time to listen to someone.  It will not kill you.  Pause for a little while longer.  Do not get so stressed about it.     

They avoid me at all cost.  I am not so na├»ve to think I am not on somebody's poop list.  It takes two to tango, right?  But why?  Why would I be there?  Could it be due to a lack of charity? 

You may be surprised, but here are some very uncharitable things we can be doing to others. 

1.  Speaking for too long.  Yep.  That's a problem.  I can easily occupy someone's time for a very long time, and in total disregard for the other person's time.  Do I speak for hours on the phone or in person?  Do I completely ignore their body language?  Do I not see they are in a hurry or have had a long day? 

2.  One sided conversations.  I once heard someone say to me, "Well, enough about me.  What do you think about me?"  It was a joke, but there was some truth to it.  Am I ever interested in what others have to say or what they are going through?

3.  Calling just for favors.  A family I knew would always get irritated when a certain priest called. They knew the reason for his phone call.  It was to ask them for something.  Do I have a tendency to use people? 

4.  Too far-left or too far-right.  I am amazed at how some people can be so insensitive to the beliefs of others.  They assume it is okay to insult someone's God or personal beliefs to make their point.  It is not okay.  It never is okay.  Express your views in a very humble manner.  Allow the truth to speak on its own behalf.   

We know the Lord went after the broken hearted.  We know how He did it.  We also know He made it on someone's "To kill list."  But history has always rewarded the noble, the truthful, the good and the holy.

Let us never forget, "the saints are sane people in a very insane world" (G.K. Chesterton).


  1. My husband is very Republican. He has taught me all the angles as to why he believes as he believes. I have to say I agree wholeheartedly on most issues. It makes total sense. And I can see why the Democrats are wrong on most issues. I get it.

    One day he was watching the news and began complaining about the ways of the Democratic Party. I wanted to make a point about bi-partisanship and how the Republicans could come to a compromise on this issue. So I just said: The Democrats remind me of the prodigal son – runs away, spends all our money and comes back to ask for forgiveness when the economy is in the toilet. The Republicans remind me of the other son who always did everything right but was angry that his brother got the party and everyone was happy that he came back. Both of them need a little insight into the others’ lives!

    I thought it was a great analogy. My husband didn’t think so, but I think it was some food for thought for both of us. Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut or maybe not?

  2. I am a long time reader of this blog, but have never commented until now. This is so inspirational, I feel like I should print it out and hang it on the wall.

  3. You are spot on, Father Alfonse.

    I know all too well about "avoiding others." A few months ago, a warehouse worker asked me out on a date. (I have a policy not to date co-workers.) This gentleman had missing teeth and had bad body odor. I simply didn't want him around me. He seemed very friendly and nice, but his presence was distracting and made me feel uncomfortable. Then one day he disappeared. Rumor had it that he was fired for being high on meth. All I could think was, "Oh my gosh, Lord. Of the very few men interested in me at my age, why did a smelly drug addict with a girlfriend ask me out? Why do I only attract losers? No wonder I don't want to date anybody. I'm so tired of the lack of good single men around. I'm so thankful at least I have your love and wholesomeness, dear Jesus!" Later I felt guilty for being so judgmental and critical of a man who obviously had an addiction problem.

    Have a great weekend.


  4. The photo is a sermon in itself. Putting one's head in the sand makes one vulnerable to all kinds of attack.

    But I do agree that avoiding negative people, those who never listen, never learn, is only prudent.

    1. You might actually be speaking volumes to them! :)


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