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Thursday, February 27, 2014

MUST HEAR: Interview with Cecile Richards

Jose Ramos, a journalist for Fusion television, isn't the most courageous reporter out there.  He's pretty much another baby face news man.  So when it comes to interviewing people, he asks questions as hard as a third grader throws a ball.  That's why I was pleasantly shocked when he asked Planned Parenthood's President Cecile Richards the big question:  "For you, when does life begin?"

Here is the interview.

Did you hear that???  The beginning of life is "not relevant" in the abortion debate?  Can you believe that?  Why doesn't she want people to know her opinion on when life beings?  Is it because she's so radical it would shock people and frighten them?   Is it because she personally believes it begins at conception but there's too much money at stake?  Is it because she doesn't know and doesn't care?  What's life anyways? 

If you ever wondered why the abortion industry; that is, Planned Parenthood, is losing the battle to win hearts and minds, now you know why:  they have lost their mind!!

P.S.  Send a friendly tweet to someone who is supporting or following Cecile Richards.  Ask them to reconsider and "unfollow" her.


  1. fyi...Melinda Gates is following her. She isn't following Pope francis.

  2. Thank you for posting this Fr. Alfonse!

  3. Thank you for posting the interview, Father Alfonse. While I was watching that, I found several hotspots in her facial expressions:
    -at 0:09 when she mentioned that she thinks ''the issue of when life begins will be debated through centuries'' she shrugs her left shoulder, which is sign that she does not believe what she just said. I think she realizes that this dilemma will be solved in the near future, and that will be the end of the discussion. While she talks about it, her forehead is contracted, which is a sign of worry (in comparison, in the interview immediately following this one her forehead is smooth as she talks about an actress)
    -at 0:18 when she said ''this is not part of this conversation" her nostrils are flared, nose wrinkled and upper lip raised, which is a sign of disgust, immediately followed by raising her left lip corner, a sign of contempt
    -at 0:35-0:37 when she said that the women have ''an option of having a healthy pregnancy" she moves her head from from left to right, a motion that means ''no'', at the same time there is a smile known as 'doping delight', that means the person knows at that very moment he/she is getting away with something much bigger than he/she is being accused of.
    -at 0:39 she does the same ''no'' motion with her head AND a doping delight smile while saying ''an option to put a child up for adoption", and again a ''no'' motion when saying ''carry pregnancy to term". With her body language and microexpressions she indicated that those three 'options' are lies, and DO NOT exist AT ALL in her world!
    -at 0:45 is the only moment when her words correlate with her body language, it is the moment when she says ''terminate pregnancy'' and shakes her head in an up and down motion, as in saying 'yes'. The moment immediately following at 0:47 when she finished talking, and Jorge Ramos is about to begin to ask the next question, she is one more time shaking her head in a 'yes' motion, as in reconfirming to herself that she agrees with the last statement that she expressed.


  4. Wow!!! Awesome. Thank you Angela. What great observations.

  5. "The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."

    --Flannery O'Connor


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