Meditation is an ideal way to pray. Using God's word (Lectio Divina) allows me to hear, listen and reflect on what the Lord wants to say to me - to one of his disciples - just like He did two thousand years ago.
The best time to reflect is at the beginning of the day and for at least 15 to 30 minutes.
Prior to going to sleep, read the Mass readings for the next day and then, in the morning, reflect on the Meditation offered on this website.
I hope these daily meditations allow you to know, love and imitate the Lord in a more meaningful way.
God bless you!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

John 14:6-14 Together Forever!

John 14:6-14 Together Forever!
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Philip said to Jesus, “Master, show us the Father, and that will be enough for us.”  Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you for so long a time and you still do not know me, Philip?  Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.”
I have known this woman for some time now; almost as long as I’ve been here in Dallas.  But I never knew why her family had left Mexico and had come to America.  This is what she told me.
“One day my father witnessed a woman being assaulted.  Although all of this was happening in front of people and in broad daylight, no one did anything about it.  He knew he had to do something and he did. He ran over to the scene, grabbed a stick and started beating the man until he finally took off and ran away.    Shortly after the police arrived, the man was arrested.  My father had to appear in court and testify against this man.  As he was walking towards the court house a man came up to him and whispered in his ear:  “What happened to this lady is happening to your daughter right now.”  Without hesitation, my father turned around and ran towards our home.  He hit the door open, ran up the stairs and saw my mom cooking in the kitchen.  As he scanned around the kitchen, looking from side to side, he asked her, ‘Where is she?  Where is Natalia?’ Scared out of her mind, my mom told him, ‘She’s resting in her room.  What’s hap…?’   He went straight to my room and opened the door.  He found me there, lying on my bed, asleep.  But before my dad could catch his breath, he found a note next to me.  It read, ‘Leave now!  I came here to harm your daughter but I couldn’t do it.  As soon as I saw her I saw the face of an angel.  Leave your home now!!!’  I was ten years old when we left everything and moved to America.  Only years later, did my dad tell me why we moved.”
There are two ways the Lord helps me:  either he leads me or he chases after me.  There are many ways to heaven, but Jesus is The Way.  He knows the way.  He goes before me.  He clears the way.  He sets the pace.  He does not lead me where I want to go.  He leads me where I need to go.  He knows the future.  He knows my neighbors.  He knows the kind of day I will have.  I do not.  I can see miles and miles in front of me, but only the Lord can see generations and generations in front of me.  I see only what eyes can see.  God does not have eyes.  God has providence, destiny.  He is not limited by eyes.  He is only limited by me.
I can follow.  He can chase.  I can play cat and mouse with the Lord all day long.  But through it all, there is a goal, an end, a mission to be accomplished.  Here lies something that is greater than me.  Here lies the struggle that occurs inside of me.  Will I serve or will I rebel? Will I live a life full of doubts or will I live a life full of grace?  Will I continue to carry my cross or will I continually look for a place to put it down?
Jesus said to Philip, “I have been with you for so long a time and you still do not know me?”  Philip is not having a hard time recognizing who Jesus is.  Philip is having a hard time acknowledging who Jesus is.  I do too.  I have a hard time too.  It’s hard to let go.  It’s hard to conceive that Christ has been with me for the longest amount of time; from the day I was conceived; from the day I was called; till the day I die.  This is no time to play cat and mouse.  This is the time to team up!
There’s nothing to show; just tons to do.


  1. Thanks for this short, yet inspiring post. I'm going to take it a step further. (Hopefully I don't sound too off topic.)

    Wow, what a powerful story. I can see why so many people immigrate to America. They want to escape poverty, abuse, corruption, human rights violations, etc. These people desire the freedom and opportunities not available in their homeland. I commend the Catholic Church for aiding immigrants with housing, jobs, and legalization procedures. I know so many Americans don't like the idea of more "illegal" immigrants coming into our country, especially the Latinos. However, I think of how important it is for us to "welcome the alien" which is spoken about in the bible. I don't think it's right for us to play "cat and mouse" with other peoples lives, especially those immigrants who enter our country, by discriminating against them or making them feel unwelcome. I'm proud that St. Joseph is made up of such culturally diverse people! This "mixing pot" of Catholic faithful all worship Christ united in the Eucharist. Many may have escaped crimes and persecution like your friend from Mexico. They have found safety and opportunity in the "land of the free" with the Catholic Church as their rock.

    Jesus does see generations and generations ahead of us. Each and every action we do to fulfill His Way and His Desires weaves a path in life that we may never know the outcome! If we don't welcome the immigrant or "alien" we may be blocking the Lord's future plans in this world.



  2. “Have I been with you for so long a time and you still do not know me, Philip?............ Here lies the struggle that occurs inside of me....Will I live a life full of doubts or will I live a life full of grace?

    This scripture blared at me this morning as I did my meditation. This question came from The Lord.."When? When? When?"

    I have been struggling with doubt for a long time and it has become more intense over the past year or so. I doubt that it is truly him who is there, who speaks to me, who leads me, consoles me, corrects me and waits on me. And then fear teams up with doubt. They make miserable bed mates.

    The Lord has assured me over and over and yet I don't trust. It's like I keep going to the edge of a cliff where he says, "let go and I'll catch you", I look over and down and out and a turn and run back to the familiar.

    I've had this conversation with him over and over and yet I always run back, away from Him.

    On one of those occasions I heard Him say. "Look, if you mess up, make a mistake, or are wrong, I can and will make it right. You can't mess anything up that I cannot fix. When will you trust me and let go of the doubt and fear and live in Me?

    One day, I will do it but unfortunately it's not today...maybe tomorrow.

  3. To the Anonymous writer - Most of us go through these rough periods of doubt and/or aridity and our Lord can seem so far away. I find the following passage, or prayer if you will, is comforting to meditate on during these times of trial:

    Mark 9:24 I do believe, help my unbelief.

    You are in the company of some great Saints who have had just these struggles. Our Lord will be waiting for you on the other side of this struggle. He loves you so, and is closer to you now than you could ever imagine. Perhaps start your day with a Sign of the Cross and rebuke the evil one in the name of Jesus!

    May God bless you, and know many of the readers will be praying for you. Wishing you much peace and love.

  4. Thank you for your prayers and words of consolation and advice.

    Most of the time I feel God right here, next to me around me and in the center of my being, but at other times when the doubt comes in like a whirlwind it's like He's being blown farther and farther away and I'm just watching it happen.

    You just reminded me where that whirlwind comes from. The evil one who only comes to steal, kill and destroy. And while I have my eyes on him, I am allowing Jesus to fade away.

    It is so hard not to give the devil my attention even though I know that when my eyes are on him, they are not on Jesus. Jesus is so calm and gentle and soothing and the devil stirs things up in such a way, to get my attention. How can I be fooled over and over with the same tactics?

    I will add rebuking the devil to my as soon as my eyes open prayer for each day. I hadn't thought of that. Maybe I'll add it to my just after my head hits the pillow prayer, to keep him out of my dreams as well.

    God bless you, anon. #2.

  5. Anonymous 1 - Let us thank the Holy Spirit, as he brings us to this beautiful meditation. He moves us all, and I'm happy that we both went to the comments page.

    Lately, Psalm 71 has been speaking to me quite loudly. It's become my daily prayer and I find much peace and comfort when I meditate on the beautiful words of our Lord.

    May Christ Jesus, the power and the wisdom of God, dwell in our hearts through faith. May God look upon us with mercy and kindness, and may He strengthen us in faith, hope and love and fill our hearts with peace. Amen (Prayers from: Give Us This Day - Daily Prayer/Devotional)

    Anonymous 2

  6. Anonymous 1,
    Oh my God, I just read Psalm 71. The Holy Spirit is definitely working through you. So much of it fit right into what I’ve been through in the past few years.

    1-2 “In you, LORD, I take refuge; let me never be put to shame. In your justice rescue and deliver me; listen to me and save me!

    I was delivered of a demon of shame on April 10.

    4 “My God, rescue me from the hand of the wicked, from the clutches of the evil and violent.”

    On March 5, two demons, rejection and worthlessness, manifested themselves during healing prayer. On March 14, I felt them leave during confession. I felt free for the first time in my life as I walked out into the sun after that. I had gone in when it was still dark (I know who goes to confession at 6:30AM?)

    6 “On you I have depended since birth; from my mother’s womb you are my strength”

    In the months of November and December of 2011, I went back to the womb during many meditations. I know how that sounds, but there are memories and feelings in the womb that you can remember. When I went back, I found Jesus there with me. My mother didn’t want me, so there were many issues that started in the womb, rejection and worthlessness being two.

    8 “My mouth shall be filled with your praise, shall sing your glory every day.”

    I never praised and told people about how amazing God is until I had an experience of Him that changed my life overnight. I have not quit since then and I find myself singing His praises all day. (That is weird for me. I used to judge others as weird who did the same.)

    12 “God, be not far from me; my God, hasten to help me”

    Through all that’s happened, I have for the first time felt him near and know beyond a doubt that He is with me even when I don’t feel Him. And I ask for His help every day, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, everyone does that. But I NEVER did it before unless I was desperate and that was the last thing I would try when all else failed.

    14-16 “I will always hope in you”…“My mouth shall proclaim your just deeds, day after day your acts of deliverance, though I cannot number them all. I will speak of the mighty works of the Lord; O GOD, I will tell of your singular justice.

    My hope was never in Him before. Now, I put it all in Him alone. I am determined to never put my hope in another human being or circumstance. I tell everyone I can about the miracles He’s done for me and the joy that I never knew before. He has brought me through so many things that I never could have imaged happening to me, more than I could count.

    20 “Whatever bitter afflictions you sent me, you would turn and revive me. From the watery depths of the earth once more raise me up.

    I already made reference to the bitter afflictions I’ve experienced in a short time. He got me through every single one in ways I never could have imagined and every one of them strengthened me.
    Before the deliverances, I often fell into a pit of darkness that left me, well you can imagine how it left me. Even then, He always pulled me out when I was finished wallowing in it.

    23-24 “My lips will shout for joy as I sing your praise; my soul, too, which you have redeemed. Yes, my tongue shall recount your justice day by day. For those who sought my ruin have been shamed and disgraced.”

    My soul sings His praise all day long, really, it’s kinda weird. I haven’t gotten used to it yet. And yes, the last line is true too, although that was not what I wanted.

    I know that is a lot but it is so amazing how God works in the most unlikely places and unlikely ways. I wanted to share how specific He can be when He speaks!

    You know that doubt I started with? This Psalm, has confirmed that it IS Him speaking to me, standing beside me and only allowing what's happened to strengthen me and prepare me for what's next. I do not know what's next, but I know I can handle it, but only with Him.

    Anonymous 1

  7. Praise God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit! A huge thanks goes out to Fr. Alfonse for this daily meditation where so many of us can share what's going on in the depths of our souls without fear of judgement and this shame, rejection and worthlessness that we are all prone to let creep into our hearts. I'm not sure if Fr. Alfonse reads comments very often, but I'm sure he knows that when he speaks the truth of the Gospel here, it takes many of us to a deeper meditation than what we would be able to accomplish on our own. He always finds a different twist that I've never thought of.

    Psalm 71 is beautiful and it's one that I've read and sang at Mass probably hundreds of times, but the Lord didn't really reveal to me the truth and beauty of this scripture until a few weeks ago. About a year ago as my family was sitting at the bedside of my step-father who was very near Heaven, my nephew shared his favorite Psalm with me which is Psalm 139. I read many Psalms and often think to myself "Huh?" lol But these two that I speak of.........they WOW me!

    Bless you Anon 1! I'll keep you in my prayers. Please, if you would, do the same for me as my family is facing some difficult days, especially my husband and daughter who are suffering with these dark feelings of depression and anxiety.

    Peace in the name of Christ Jesus,
    Anonymous 2
    aka Suzie

  8. Suzie

    Thank you for your prayers. I will definitely keep you and your family in mine.

    I know depression and anxiety all too well. I suggest getting professional help if it has persisted for any length of time. When depression lasts for more than six months, something in your brain changes and it becomes harder and harder to overcome it. Father Alfonse knows the best (authentic) Catholic counselor around, he can refer you.

    BTW Father Alfonse has to read all the comments so he can decide whether to post or not:)

    He is very generous to allow us this conversation. Many would not. I hope that there are others who have taken something away from our words.

    You have definitely helped me with that doubt and fear thing that I continue to struggle with. My mistrust is pretty much in myself. "What if I'm wrong?" constantly runs through my mind. And the answer is "So what?" I know he's already given me the grace to overcome but I have not 'opened' that gift yet. I just keep staring at it.

    I would like to remain anonymous. I haven't shared the demon thing with very many people and it still freaks me out. I have a Benedictine priest friend who told me that demons are not reserved for the Hitlers of the world.

    Actually I'm hoping this doubt and fear is a demon so the priest can spritz me all over with holy water, shake some blessed salt on me and grease me up with blessed oil and pray in Latin for an hour. It is much faster, easier and cheaper than years of counseling trying to change yourself. LOL!!! We are not talking about a possession. That might be scary!

    May God Bless you and your family]
    Anonymous 1

  9. Indeed it is very nice of Fr. Alfonse to allow this converation. Thank you Father! Thank you Anonymous, for sharing your life with us. I love how your posts have changed from sadness and doubt to comedy and hope! Perhaps we meet again on one of these posts.

    Wishing you much peace and love,
    Anonymous 2 ;)


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