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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mk 16:15-20 Like No Other

Mk 16:15-20  Like No Other
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Jesus said to his disciples:  “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature...”  They went forth and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word through accompanying signs.”
There are many issues that we face this year and in this election.  But all issues would be non-issues if the Life issue was not so heavily involved in all issues.  There could be no pursuit of happiness, no conversion stories, no justice, and no supreme love if there was no life.  That’s obvious!  And what’s even more obvious is that we will never solve the problem of racism, discrimination, violence, injustice, corruption and manipulation if there is no respect for life.  After all, why should I care about your life if your life is as meaningless as mine?
Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.  Before we go to Heaven, we have a ton of unfinished business to attend to.  We have some scores to settle.  We have a mission to accomplish. 
As a missionary priest, I was trained to fight a love fight; to pick a fight; to take no prisoners but release them.  I know what it takes. You need to know the enemy you love, and to do that, you need to get inside their brain and open some locked doors.  You need to go where they are and stay there just long enough to light a fuse inside to their heart. 
I have often wondered what it would be like to be a triple agent (or a re-doubled agent).  I think that would be the easiest way, and the less scandalous way, to get on TV.  I could be the priest that turns his back on Christ and is in favor of gay marriage.  I could declare myself in favor of the health care mandate.  Or better yet, I could be the priest that is in favor of abortion rights!  Imagine that!  Of course it would be another thorn in Christ’s crown but what a jewel in the devil’s.  Imagine all the doors that would be opened up to me!  I would be invited to give a commencement speech at Georgetown University; I would receive an honorary degree from Boston College.  I would be invited to receive a pen in the oval office from the President himself.  He may even say to me something he said not too long ago to a nun, “Thank you.  Without your support, this law would never have happened.”  
Maybe, just maybe, I would be invited to NARAL’s annual gathering of abortion providers.  How amazing would that be!  Hah hah hah hah!!!  There, I could plant a seed; a seed of doubt; a seed to get them thinking again not only with their manly brain but more importantly with their womanly heart.  I could tell them what they’re doing wrong; that is, why they are losing the battle, and how they could achieve victory with their own defeat!  I can see it now, a standing ovation, rainbow flags, and bright lights upon me.  And then, I would speak:
“Dear advocates, let me remind you that we are in a battle for our survival, not someone else’s. Although it is true we all passed through the womb, it doesn’t mean we all think alike.  There are those who are out to save us!  So we must fight so they do not succeed. 

We have a little problem, literally.  What exactly is the problem?   Well, it's not what we do, because that's our business.  It's our words.  It's what we say.  And what we are saying is becoming unsustainable because they have become contradictory to our lifelong mission.   
Recently, I heard on MSNBC one of our own defend late term abortions by saying they are rare and, in most cases, performed only when a woman’s life is in danger or when the fetus is unviable.  Why?  Why?  Why do we make such claims?  Why do we continue to make such horrendous errors in judgment?  Don’t you see how these statements are killing business?  Listen to me.  Why should we smile that late term abortions are rare?  Don’t answer that... It’s simply a rhetorical question.  Why do we share with our customers these troubling facts?  Why do we promote our business to the poor so poorly?  Don’t we see the contradiction?  If they are rare, then how will we sustain ourselves?  Why do we argue in such ways?  It almost sounds - but of course not - that we don’t like what we do!  Nonsense!  We love what we do!  Otherwise, we would only do it for the money. 
Don’t you know that most Americans are aware of what the real problem is with late term abortions?  That a mom can have one at any time and for any reason, and that it is perfectly legal?  Don’t you see that that is the issue that we need to emphasize?   Why do our enemies know our business better than we do?  Can’t we do better?    Must we give such dire reasons for such obvious reasons?  That will never sell.  We should be able to throw the baby out with the placenta!  Otherwise, without realizing it, we are developing a child out of a fetus, and that’s a problem.
Let me give you another troubling observation from outside the womb.  We continue to justify and defend the right to abortions with examples of rape and incest.  But that won’t work anymore!  Far too many Americans know that far too few abortions are due to rape and incest (less than 1% of 1%).  And therefore, if we don’t start mentioning the real reasons, then Americans will begin to believe us and restrict us!  Let’s stop being so naïve in thinking others are naïve.  Let’s show some pride in what we do.  Let all America know that abortions are still cheaper than live births; that couples still prefer a specific gender or that if a child has a mild deformity such as a cleft lip, abortion is still safer than surgery.  What’s wrong with that?  Were solving problems not pregnancies, silly!  
My last concern is by no means my least.  When in God’s name will we stop saying that “Abortion is a choice between a woman and her God”?  This jargon is unsustainable! Do you understand what I am saying?  Do we say buying cereal is a choice between a woman and her God?  No!  Do we say that throwing out the trash is a choice between a woman and her God?  No.  Then why in God’s world would we want to include God in this decision?  Why do we want to admit that abortion is such an important decision and that we need to include God in it?  For God’s sake!  Is “the thing” human or is it divine? Who cares, as long as it is not human and divine, then boy are we in trouble! 
Today at 2:00 pm, a memorial Mass was held at Calvary cemetery for over 1,500 (aborted) babies found in a trash bin a few years back. 
May we never forget that every child is like no other.


  1. I totally agree with you!!!! Beautiful meditation.

  2. Brilliant, Father Alfonse! Oh my goodness, I gasped when you wrote "We should be able to throw the baby out with the placenta!" You absolute **amaze me** with your meditations. I wish I could think and reflect like you!! You have such an amazing gift with words....



  3. Once people start believing their own lies, convincing the rest of the world is a piece of cake.

    The majority of them believe the lies and are drones for those who know exactly what they are doing.

    We all know who's at the top of this hierarchy. And in the end he will be defeated, we just have to stay in the battle and not give up. That is what he is hoping for, that we'll get discouraged and give up. This is the 40th year since Roe v Wade. God has done some incredible things in 40 years! Let's not give up.

  4. Thank you for your meditation Fr. Alfonse. This is an eye opener for everyone!

  5. Wonderful reflection Fr. Alfonse. This is an eye opener for everyone. God bless you always!


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