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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mark 12:18-27 The Big Bang of Mistakes

Mark 12:18-27  The Big Bang of Mistakes
Some Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, came to Jesus and put this question to him, saying, “Teacher, Moses wrote for us, ‘If someone’s brother dies, leaving a wife but no child, his brother must take the wife and raise up descendants for his brother.’  Now there were seven brothers…” 
Hypothetical scenarios are a great tool for discerning the wisdom of an argument.  However, Hyper-theatrical scenarios (exaggerated or highly improbable situations presented in order to create a show), are a lousy tool for discerning the wisdom of an argument. 
In today’s Gospel, the Sadducees pose a hyper-theatrical scenario to Jesus.  The Lord puts an end to the discussion (and “show”) with one decisive and embarrassing blow.
Did you ever take math in College?  If you did, did you ever experience what is often referred to as a “stupid” mistake?  I did and on multiple occasions.  If you don’t know, a “stupid mistake” in math is something like this:  You work long and hard, diligently and deliberately, through a huge mathematical problem.  You show all your work in excruciating detail and employ all the latest mathematical techniques you know.  Then, when you get your quiz or test back, you’re stunned to see that you got a 90 rather than a 100 because you made one stupid mistake in addition at the very beginning of your masterpiece.  Argh!!!!!
The Sadducees made one stupid mistake at the very beginning of their hyper-theatrical argument.  In their emotionally driven craze to outwit Jesus, they forgot something.  They forgot that God is the God of the living.  And if He is the God of the living, then it must mean that no one really dies.  I wonder how many hours they spent formulating their scenario to present to Jesus.  I wonder how many people were involved.  

It’s no wonder the Lord told them, “You are greatly misled.” 
It’s bad enough to be greatly misled.  It’s even worse to mislead others.  That’s what so many of our politicians, friends and neighbors have been doing for years.  They’ve been misleading folks in a big way.  Of course it didn't start that way, but a little bit of illogic eventually creates a big bang of confusion. 
I would hate to think that there are people out there that agree with me simply because they know me or that they agree with my point of view.  I would prefer that people agreed with me because my arguments were logical and that they stood on solid ground.  God is solid.  The Church is the Rock.  The Church lives by faith and logic.  If God is the God of the living, then anything contrary to life is wrong, period.  If a man is designed to be with a woman, then any other type of design is flawed, period.  You might not agree with me, but don't tell me I don't make sense.
When a relativist comes up to me and matter-of-factly tells me, “There is no truth.”  I let them matter-of-factly know they just contradicted themselves:  If there is no truth, then how can you know the truth that there is no truth? Even more interesting is the male Pacifist who is also an abortionist that comes up to me and says, “War is wrong because it kills innocent people.”  If he is against war, then he better think of another reason why he is against it.  He is just as inconsistent as the female Naturalist who prefers organic foods to chemical ones but uses artificial contraceptives rather than natural family planning. 
Of course everyone can feel however they want.  But feelings come and go unlike the truth that lasts forever.     
I wish our Catholic Middle Schools and High Schools would offer one semester of Logic.  I can tell you right now it would give our schools and students an incredible advantage over all the kids and schools in Dallas.  Kids that think logically would save our parents, teachers and society a lot of hard ache and headaches.  It might even put an end to the talk shows where talking about our problems is cheap and solving them is elusive.  Finally!!!  Finally!!! We could have conversations that went beyond feelings, emotions and sentiments.  Finally!!!  Finally!!!  We could have issues that were no longer emotionally charged but rather candidly honest.  Finally!!!  Finally!!!  We could know the objective God of love and truth, rather than the subjective god of feelings and desires.    
The Sadducees resorted to some roundabout sentimental scenario to justify their position.  The Lord struck a fatal blow when he said, “If there is no resurrection, then God would not be the God of the living but of the dead.   
God is the God of the living, not of the dead.  Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead not because we feel him but because He did.  When we take our “feelings” off the throne, God can come in and give us gifts, both of faith and even of feelings, that we could never give ourselves.  But He does it in His time schedule, not ours.  He’s a lover, not a train.” (Peter Kreeft)
Let’s solve our problems by thinking through them and not by accepting our way to them.


  1. Right on Father!

    It is terrible and horrific to see how much society has adopted a victimized ideology where what is right is not accepted and what is wrong must be accepted. Selfish feelings used as justifications for our actions is what has gotten us as a society to this point in time of chaos. The TRUTH hurts and that is why a lot of people can't handle the truth but would rather question it to feel better about the things being done that go against THE WAY,THE TRUTH & THE LIFE!

  2. I don't know if you can teach common sense, but it seems to be missing in a great percentage of our population.

    Faith and Logic are necessary components of the Catholic Church but I believe common sense is as well. And I believe that there is some conspiracy in academia to downplay that 'sense' or 'gift' in students because it cannot be measured, explained or manipulated. Common sense seems to be on the other side of 'book' sense and that is dangerous in our society today. They cannot control it the way they can control the media, re-write school books and basically change the truth into whatever meets the needs of the 'one' in charge, namely Satan. Yes I believe he is behind every lie.

    Lord, help our youth and our fellow Americans and Christians open their eyes and use their common sense so they can see the lies that are taking us all down.

  3. Very good, Father. This is a nice tasty morsel….. ;)

    I was thinking along the same lines: Offer the class “Logic & Common Sense 101”. How sad our youth lack logical thinking and common sense in every day decisions. (I think critical thinking should be examined in this class, too.) I think as people feel too much they make improper judgments. As feelings are acerbated, people become disinterested in the Church and the message of the Gospel. They become so mesmerized by the “hyper-theatrical scenario” that they live in a make-believe-feel-good world : A godless world. A world that is so obsessed with consumerism, materialism, wealth, and power. A world led by crooked politicians who mislead people with false hopes and dreams. Logical thinking is a way to solve so many of the problems facing our world. Why has thinking become so difficult for people? There should be a proper balance between feeling and thinking. However, our culture focuses so much on "feelings" that all sorts of excuses vomit out of people’s mouths: "Oh, you don't have to do this if you don't feel like it!" "I don't feel good today so I'm going to stay home from Mass!" "I don't feel much love for you anymore so I'm going to file for divorce!" “I don’t feel like eating healthy so I’m going to eat a triple cheese burger, slug down a Super Size soda, and smoke a little weed for dessert!”

    I tried to locate a previous post from late last year when you spoke about logic but in terms of God being illogical. You said something about logic is boring. (???) Now it seems the opposite in this post. The illogical was tied in with God being full of surprises. Can you perhaps reconnect this past point to what you wrote today about the need for logical thinking and how faith and logic define the Church today? Thanks.




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