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Monday, June 18, 2012

Mt 5:38-42 Standing Can Destroy

Mt 5:38-42  Standing Can Destroy
Jesus said to his disciples:  “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’.  But I say to you, offer no resistance to one who is evil.” 
Literalism is not the same as radicalism.  To take the word of God literally and in all cases is not the same as to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all cases.    
Offer no resistance.  Why?  Won’t evil prevail?  No.  Evil destroys itself.  But if you are like me, it seems like it doesn’t destroy itself fast enough!  That’s where we come in.  That’s where Christians can make a world of difference.  We can speed evil’s death by making it a little more obvious.  And the best way to make it obvious is for a Christian to stand in front of it.  Offer no resistance” is not the same as saying offer nothing; or let evil step all over you; or let it roll over you.  Offer no resistance does not mean to be overcome or overtaken (cf. Rm 12:21).  It means do not fight evil with evil.  Do not fight fire with fire.  Don’t do it!  Otherwise, the difference between the son of God and the son of Adam will be harder to see; our light will not shine so bright.  Instead, “fight evil with good” (Rm 12:21) and our light will shine as bright as the Son! 

Christians follow a golden rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  It’s golden because it is solid and priceless.  Evil follows a rusty rule:  “Hurt others before they hurt you!”   It’s rusty because it’s decaying.  It’s decaying because it’s been recycled far too often.  Eventually, it will rip itself apart.  On the other hand, Christianity will never decay because it continually resupplies itself.  Love stimulates life.  Courage stimulates Heroes.  Evil stimulates extinction. 
Cheap music and cheap lyrics are more evident when compared to an opus of Mozart or Beethoven.  Pornography as art is easier to decry when compared to the masterpiece of a Mona Lisa.  Lenin and Stalin came out of the closet when Marx went in it.  Darwin planted a seed and Margaret Sanger sprouted.  Nietzsche and Feuerbach dethroned God and Hitler took his place.  Can a bad tree produce good fruit? …You will know them by their fruits” (cf. Mt 17:16-18).
Christians are called to let evil die.  Sometimes it takes silence; sometimes it takes words.  But it always takes a stand.  The world is watching. 
According to the Detroit News, state Representative Lisa Brown was disciplined by House speakers for speaking over and over again about “her vagina” in a debate on an anti-abortion bill that would put new restrictions on abortion doctors.  Brown was silenced during floor debate for her comments.  They were deemed inappropriate.  But Brown, a pro-abortion representative, defended her actions.  “I used an anatomically correct word.  I said vagina.  Is there something wrong with that?  Can I not say elbow?  I don’t see the difference.” 
There you have it, folks!  She doesn’t know the difference between her vagina and her elbow.  And that explains why she has a hard time seeing the difference between a fetus and a tumor; or a body from a body part. 
Evil destroys itself.  Abortion will destroy itself.  It is just a matter of time, but we need to speed up the process.  We can.  I have always said that the best reasons for being Pro-Life can be found by reading the statements made by rabid Pro-Choice advocates.    
The Lord said, offer no resistance.  Let evil do what it does best:  destroys itself and its children.  Let us do what we do best:  destroy evil and put it to rest. 
Don’t forget to pray and take a stand so that people can recognize evil for what it is.


  1. Amen, Father! I couldn't help but laugh at Lisa Brown's comment. The Pro-Choice advocates sound dumb and just plain silly. Pro-Lifers have so much more going for them!!!

    You wrote: "Christians are called to let evil die. Sometimes it takes silence; sometimes it takes words. But it always takes a stand. The world is watching." I understand what you're saying. However, haven't we all been silent for too long? Haven't we been ignoring evil and letting it grow like a boil? Don't we keep praying in silence with very little change? I don't think we should remain "silent" in regards to immorality. "Silence" may be necessary when we are ridiculed by others for our orthodox Catholic views. (We don't want to spread evil against evil.) I think it's important as Catholics that we all "voice" our opinions in a loving, respectful way. Silent prayer is good but positive action is even better.



  2. That scripture has ALWAYS, stumped me. I knew He wasn’t asking us to take abuse, but I could never wrap my brain around what it really meant.

    I was so glad that you chose that particular part of the gospel today. I was sitting in adoration this morning meditating on that verse and getting noting. I was excited when I saw my favorite priest was celebrating mass this morning because I knew he would explain. And he did but I still didn’t get it and when I asked him about it after mass, even though his explanation helped it didn’t give me the answer that said, “That’s It!”

    I kept thinking about bullies like those in control, yes, control of our country. They take and take and take as while many good Christians keep 'turning the other cheek', and sitting down waiting for God to come down out of the sky and take care of the evil that is oppressing the world, believing that is the Christian thing to do. Father’s response was that we still seek justice but personally we must forgive so we can live in peace.

    Your words gave me more insight. It’s not telling us to sit down and shut up and roll over and play dead or saying hit me again. It is reminding us to be Christians and know that the abusers, takers and evil doers will do themselves in. And yes you are right, it's happening fast enough!

    I think one thing on their side is all the ‘dead heads’ that don’t know the difference between an elbow and a vagina!

    I believe that’s why advertising works so well. People don’t do their homework. They just accept whatever they see and hear and the more they see and hear it, the more deeply it gets rooted into their brain as being true.

    Don’t fight evil with evil. We should seek justice with love and the knowledge that Truth will prevail in the end. Unfortunately we still have to live with the consequences of the evil in this world, and they will have to live with the consequences in the next. I choose this world!!

  3. Yes Jennifer...
    Pearl Harbor had to suffer bombing before Hitler's eugenics was addressed, with so many Jews, other, suffering and killed. There are other examples like Bosnia, Rwanda, now Syria.Hard to always know the correct course, so given to prayer. Pat

  4. I believe it was St. Francis de Sales who advised his spiritual sons and daughters to “speak up once for the truth” when defending the truth about a particular issue. I’m wondering if he specified “once” because he recognized that attacks almost always ensue after the truth is spoken, especially if a controversial issue is addressed. And further communication after speaking up for the truth can quickly degenerate into an exchange of insults.

    In any case, the strategies of speaking up and remaining silent are very closely related. Given St. Francis de Sales’ perspective, generally we will have to use both, not just one or the other. And the remaining silent aspect can be harder than speaking up, especially if someone is enduring personal attacks or retaliation after speaking up for the truth. Once the truth has been thoroughly presented, and it’s no longer productive to engage with a heckler, it’s difficult to make a deliberate decision to no longer defend onself and engage with someone.

  5. Yes Father Alfonse and we should also pray that the pro abortion people like Lisa Brown will get to know the difference between their diifferent body parts, thats why I have always believed that a baby should be called a baby from the moment of conception not a fetus or embryo hope I spelled that correctly. In fact the chromosone test done on pregnant women over 35 can determine if a baby is a boy or girl I think two weeks after conception. When a woman announces her pregnancy to her husband over a nice private dinner just between the two of them, she doesn't say sweetheart were going to have a fetus No! she tells him that they are going to have a baby and that is why I am totally prolife. And I am greatful that a nineteen year old girl who was brutally raped in the summer of 1964 was told by a doctor at the free clinic in my home town that the reason he could not give her anything for her stuffy head after he did blood work about three weeks after the attack was because it would harm the life that she was carrying that nineteen year old girl was my mother and she gave birth to me on 1 March 1965. She is no longer with us but I will always be greatful to her for giving me life oh and she did later Marry a wonderful man named Charles Bolding who adopted me and became a wonderful father to me until his death from cancer in 1983 at the age of 47 Thank you Father Alfonse for this blog and Happy Fathers Day

  6. Bless you Brenda for sharing this with us! Proof stands with you that a baby doesn't deserve to die because of the sins of the father!


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