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The best time to reflect is at the beginning of the day and for at least 15 to 30 minutes.
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mt 12:1-8 The Theology of Picking up Wheat

Mt 12:1-8  The Theology of Picking up Wheat
Jesus was going through a field of grain on the Sabbath, His disciples were hungry and began to pick the beads of grain and eat them.  When the Pharisees saw this, they said to him, “See, your disciples are doing what is unlawful to do on the Sabbath.”  …He said to them, “If you knew what this meant, desire mercy, not sacrifice, you would not have condemned these innocent men.  For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.” 
Atheism is a horrible disease.  It strips and starves the human person of real sacredness.  By all accounts, it is a disease that is affecting more and more Americans, just like heart disease.  The consequences are devastating.  Weren’t we supposed to be better off without faith, hope and love; without Christianity?  Weren’t we supposed to be more merciful by being more rational and practical?  Wasn’t education supposed to end all forms of discrimination and indiscriminate killing?
This morning I turned on the radio and heard about another massacre.  It happened in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado.  I don’t want to sound alarmist, but Colorado seems to be a hotspot for homegrown terrorists and massacres.  Not far away from Aurora is a small town called Columbine.  Sound familiar? 
An anonymous writer left a comment this morning regarding this tragedy.  They said, "I guess God's the only one who knows why a man would massacre at least twelve people watching a batman movie." 

After taking two trips to Colorado, I'd like to give my two cents for what it's worth.   I swore I would never go back:  way too secular for me.  Not that every family is secular.  No.  But it’s become a Mecca where good secular couples go to raise small secular families.  That’s unfortunate, when you consider the space and natural air and beauty that surrounds that place.  Colorado has become the secularist’s idea of heaven on earth:  great skiing, amazing scenery, small families, lots of wealth, and lots of ways to enjoy the pleasures of life.  Paradise on earth. 

But something is terribly wrong in “paradise”.  For some reason, people feel like they need to pick up a gun to create holes to fill their own.  Call me crazy, but I have a hunch that the individual that carried out this atrocity was intelligent; not a "nutso" but a "sicko".  And this was his sick (diseased) way of doing it.  When the human body (heart, mind, body and soul) is stripped and starved of all sacredness, it will look at other means to fill the emptiness.
Secularism (Atheism) has brought three things to America:  A leaner, meaner and wealthier population.  Really!  I’m not kidding!  Families are “leaner” and “wealthier” than ever before:  “leaner” in the sense of fewer kids; “wealthier” in that they have more money to spend on them.  As a result, kids are “fatter” and “needier” than ever before:  “fatter” not only physically, but in the sense that they get all that they want; “needier” in the sense of never being satisfied with what they have!  That’s where the “meaner” part kicks in.  That’s when the disease strikes at the heart, mind, body and soul. 
Call me crazy, but this is what I see.  I see 10 million children in Africa starving to death.  I see 10 million children in America starving themselves to death.  The child in Africa can be cured with simple food.  The child in America requires a team of experts to be cured.  A bag of food costs pennies.  Therapy costs thousands of dollars.  Do we wish to replace a cheap problem with a very expensive problem?  Most third world nations don't.
Intelligence does not increase one’s worth.  Wealth does not make a life more valuable than another.  Atheism’s creed and mission is simple:  There is no God.  This world is an accident.  Man is an accident.  Man is an animal.  Man has no soul.  “Go throughout the country and spread the depressing news.”   And the news is getting through: LOUD and CLEAR.  Actually, it’s busting through the walls like bullies and bullets.
On the other hand, Christianity offers the world a creed that is vibrant and refreshing.  Life is sacred.  Why?  Because God is Life.  Man is sacred.  Why?   Because God became Man.  Material poverty is sacred.  Why?  Because the God-Man embraced poverty.  He, along with his followers, picked wheat.  Humility is uplifting.  Why?  Because God chose to be humble and chose the humble.  Forgiveness is not weakness.  Why?  Because God forgave and rose from the dead.     
The Lord taught his Apostles to live like Him:  to be honest, to be poor, to be humble, to be merciful; to pick wheat, share it with others, and never lose sight of the sacredness and dignity of life itself.    


  1. Sitting here rocking our fifth baby, taking comfort in your meditations lately on TRUST in the Lord, humility, non-materialism and truly worried about the selfishness of this secular world. Wondering if some babies are pre-programmed for evil but knowing that strong families, strong faith, morals and values MUST make a difference. Thank you for your meditations and for going out on a limb to point out the dangers of such a "me centered" secular way of life. May God be with all those affected.

  2. "desire mercy, not sacrifice", today in mass you repeated this twice but you put it in your own words, and it was very touching. I was hoping to read it again in your blog but it is not here.
    Also, today I almost didn't follow Christ. I scrached a truck while backing up from doctors parking and I left, but eventually my conscience wouldn't let me keep driving so I went back to the parking lot, called security and did what I needed to do. Mind you the valet people kept telling me that I should just leave. When i asked them if that would be Christ like, they were speechless. But eventually they kept talking amongst each other about what they would have done. I am really trying these days to keep the straight path and talk about the Holy Spirit taking hold of you when you are open to true change, but what I don't understand and maybe you can help is that once I was done making the report and was driving back to work I felt sick to my stomach and felt like crying. this goofy or what? okay I may be walking into some jokes here, just be nice:)

  3. Father - I was surprised to read you think Colorado is so "secular" that you don't want to ever go back. I don't think any one particular state is more "secular" than another. On the contrary, secularism is affecting **all** of the United States.

    Interesting you suggest atheism is a disease like heart disease. I see secularism and atheism as the modern equivalent of paganism in bibical times. The Media's role in spreading this "disease" is epidemic. Reading depressing news like today's Aurora Movie Massacre made my stomach turn. Comparisons are made to Columbine and even the Fort Hood Massacre. By now most people know the gunman was highly intelligent - a neuroscience grad student at a local medical school. He was quiet and calm yet socially withdrawn. A tell-tale sign of something not quite right. I keep all of the victims in my prayers. What a tragedy!

    Why do people prefer Secularism bullies & bullets to Christianity's beauty & brilliance? I will never understand. God brings about such a positive, loving, and refreshing message. A message of faith, hope and love so many reject out of pure selfishness.



  4. Colorado is possibly not the most secular state. I nominate California for that honor. Well, maybe not. California, land of the fruits and nuts, is full of off-the-wall cults that have stepped in to fill the void. . . . .I don't know which is worse.

    1. Well, here I am talking to myself. . . . . again!

      I just read that the shooter grew up in California.


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