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The best time to reflect is at the beginning of the day and for at least 15 to 30 minutes.
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God bless you!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mk 5:21-43 Whatever It takes

Mk 5:21-43  Whatever It takes
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When Jesus had crossed again in the boat to the other side, a large crowd gathered around him, and he stayed close to the sea.  One of the synagogue officials, named Jairus, came forward.  Seeing him he fell at his feet and pleaded earnestly with him, saying, “My daughter is at the point of death.  Please, come lay your hands on her that she may get well and live.” 
What would you do?  What would you do to say the life of your daughter or son?  I know what I would do.   I would do whatever it takes to save their life.  I know it. 
But not really…and thank God for it!
If I was in a hot air balloon with my friends and a hole suddenly appeared and we were losing altitude.  Yes, I would do whatever it took to save my life BUT… I would not throw one of my friends overboard.  I would not do what goes against my beliefs and my God.  If God wants me to die, then so be it.  I won’t give up, but just like another life, I will not throw overboard my principles, morals, values and dignity in order to extend it.  I will treat my principles as if they were another human life because they are worthy of my life and death. 
Jairus would do whatever it took to save his daughter’s life, but he would not sell his soul.    He would give his heart for his baby girl but we would not rip the heart out of his neighbor’s little girl.  He wouldn’t do that, even if it was humanly possible.  He would do what he could as long as it respected the Lord, his dignity, his values, his morals, his principles.  For this reason, he turned to Jesus. 
When we turn to the Lord we get closer to the Lord.  It doesn’t mean we’ve given up or given in.  It means we won’t play God.
No matter how desperate things get, I will not throw away my principles.  I know there will come a time in my life when I can go no further, out of love for God, and will have to place my life and my trust in His hands.  I know there will come a time when I have to say: “Thy Will Be Done!”
We can do all sorts of things that are humanly possible.  But we should never do everything that is humanly possible.
We often overhear teenagers say, “I’ll do whatever it takes for him (her) to be my boyfriend (girlfriend)!”  Really?  How pathetic!  I mean, don’t they realize that every boy and girl loves a challenge?  There’s a song out there (not on the Catholic radio station!) that is very popular with our teens, but sends a very strange message:  “So here’s my number, just call me…maybe?...Cause all the other boys love to chase me…so here’s my number, just call me…maybe?”   
So…what will you do to get noticed?  Will you throw yourself at him?  Do the shorts need to get any shorter to get noticed?  (I really don’t think they can!) 
If you want to be noticed, then don’t do what others do.  Don’t be so desperate.  Don’t be so pathetic.  Since “all the other boys chase you (except for the one that’s worth something to you), then maybe he doesn’t seek your number but something else.  Maybe it’s time to do something different.  Don’t throw your number out there, but rather your beliefs, your convictions, your soul, your morals, your values and your dignity, and I promise you…just maybe, you’ll be noticed… by all the right guys and girls!     
July 4th is coming up.  It is a time to reflect on the principles that drove our nation to Independence.  When George Washington was close to defeat and was experiencing mass desertions in his forces, a mystery man appeared:  Thomas Paine.  He’s an interesting fellow.  As soon as the revolution began, he appeared.  As soon as it was over, he disappeared.  He was a writer and what he wrote made all the difference in the world for young a nation in crisis.  In fact, George Washington ordered that Paine’s essay be read to all his troops.
“These are the times that try men’s souls.  The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.  Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered…”
The worst thing that can happen to a soldier is not that he dies for his country, but rather he dies for the wrong country.  People pay tribute and give honors to those who died for truth, freedom and love.  People feel great sadness for those who died for lies, slavery and hatred (Nazism, Fascism and Communism). 
Jairus was ready to do whatever it took to save his daughter’s life.  But he was not going to sell his soul.  The Lord was ready to do whatever it took to save us, but not if it meant betraying His Father.  The Apostles were ready to do whatever it took to save their life, but not if it meant betraying their Lord. 
The Catholic Church has been fighting for affordable health care for centuries.  It is ready to do whatever it takes for every single American to have it, but not at the expense of a single human life, and not at the expense of cheapening human life.  We believe in the sanctity and dignity of every single human being:  born and unborn.  This is a principle that is very much worth fighting for.  This is a principle that we are very much ready to die for. 


  1. Once again I feel our country is at a crossroads. Depending on the turn we take will determine the future of our country. It is apparent our religion (Catholicism) is under attack by the current administration. If we fall or pander to this regime all other Christian religions will be next. I firmly believe this. Thank God the Catholic leaders are uniting and fighting back. I believe the Church may have the strongest leadership in place since I can remember. It's now our responsibility, as soldiers of the Catholic faith, to follow our leaders into battle. We are on the right side of the fight and we will win this war. Pray, Spread the Message, and Vote!


  2. I really wish and pray that more people would live up to their convictions and quit making concessions.

    I can respect the other side more for at least living up to their morals, or lack of morals. Not because of their horrible morals. At least they are honest.

    Please don't stab at me for this remark. Their values are deplorable, sick, immoral and sinful, but at least they are honest about them.

    I'm talking about people and unfortunately many, many, many people who claim to be pro life and Catholic live 'down' to our society's values and what is best for themselves alone, while they say they are thinking of the less fortunate poor people. There is no one more poor or vulnerable than an infant in the womb.

  3. Your homily was excellent this weekend, Father! I can listen to you "live" for hours. The way your mind works is so intriguing..... ;)

    My sister's fiancé was in a horrible car accident last night. He fell asleep at the wheel. (Combination of severe jet lag and a long working shift.) He was in the hospital for several hours. Scary! Thank the Lord it wasn't my sister's fiancé "time" to go! I can't imagine such a talented and well-respected medical doctor dying. Fortunately, he came out of the accident with only cuts and bruises. I think about how you said we should each place our life and trust in God's hands. We should not behave like God or try to play God. I think the fact my sister's fiancé made it alive without hitting another car or injuring another person shows God completely embracing this young doctor in his loving care. I know Wes probably learned a hard lesson the dangers of driving in a sleepy state! (He may get a little bit of a scolding from my sister. All of us in the "B" family have no problems speaking our minds. We do it in a loving way, well at least we try.)

    Oh my...trying to get the boy to notice. I admit as a teen and college student I sold myself a little too cheap to get a certain boy. I was naive and incredibly stupid. Of course, my faith wasn't nearly as strong. I never really learned what it was like to be properly respected. (This goes back to lack of a father figure.). If I had my adolescent and college years to do all over again, I would've upheld my morals, beliefs, and convictions. They were always there deep inside, but I ignored them thinking being a good girl would get me no where. I think the opposite happened: Being a bad girl got me no where but buried in a closet feeling used, worthless, ugly, and pathetic! I look at all of the beautiful young women who cheapen themselves boys. I think this is so sad; however, I know what it feels like. They want to be loved so much! Our culture says its ok to dress provocatively and be overly aggressive/competitive for a guy (or gal). This is so dead opposite of what Christ teaches us! I say a special prayer for our youth and the temptations they face. It's not easy to stay chaste and adhere to high moral standards. The rewards of living a good holy life are immeasurable.


    -Jennifer :)


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