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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Luke 6:27-38 The High Road

Luke 6:27-38  The High Road
Jesus said to his disciples:  “To you who hear I say, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”
On a day of mourning to remember our fallen heroes of one of the most cowardly and vicious attacks on civilians, Islamists, from around the Middle East, began to surround our embassies (and consulates) and attack and kill our staff.
I have yet to hear a single cleric or religious figure of any importance in the Islamic world apologize on behalf of the Muslim people for the September 11th, 2001 attack on innocent human life.  And yet, while ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was being dragged (dead or alive we do not know) across the streets of Benghazi, the Administration of the United States of America was quick to apologize for a film attacking the prophet Mohammad and Islam. 
One would hope we were taking the higher road, the more “Christian” road.  But I doubt it.  I seriously doubt it.  I seriously doubt it because we have done everything humanly possible to make ourselves as much as possible a non-Christian nation.  Wake up America!  We are still strong, but for how long?  We are in debt, tremendous debt, a debt that will eventually cripple us.  Our children grow up weak, pale, alone and confused because they live in homes (families) where there is no strong foundation to keep them from sinking; no values or morals holding them up; no absolute truths to keep them grounded; no dad AND mom to building them up; no God to keep them going; no authentic and supernatural love to pick them up!     
We don’t need Muslims to tear our flag!  We’ve been doing it ourselves, and not just symbolically, but really!  We’ve been tearing our nation apart by tearing marriage, family and children apart.  We’ve been tearing God out of our nation.  Can you believe that He was actually booed, for the first time in American history, at a national political party convention?  Individual victories are becoming national defeats!  When an entire classroom cannot pray because one student does not want to pray, that's a national defeat!  When a entire football team cannot pray because one fan does not want to pray, that's a national defeat! 
We've been tearing up our nation for a long time now: “Separation between Church and state!” [RIP] “No prayer or moment of silence allowed in our schools!”  [RIP]  “No religious displays, no Christmas carols, no Christmas greetings on public property!” [RIP, RIP, RIP] 
Do you really think our government is “turning the other cheek”, or “loving” our enemies out of love for God?  Give me a break!  If religion is to play no role in our national affairs, then what drives our government leaders to apologize?  Isn't it a little obvious?  We didn’t apologize because we took the higher road, we apologized because we will do whatever it takes to accommodate our immediate interests.   This is not the world of diplomacy.  This is the world of failed diplomacy. 
Secular countries are weak countries.  Spain is a secular country and as soon as it was attacked by terrorists, it withdrew.  France is one of the most secular countries in the world.  It elected a weak man, a socialist.  And yesterday it passed a law that taxes the rich by as much as 75%!  Why so much?  Well, how else could the government continue to spend even more than it has? 

What egalitarian or parasite wouldn't elect a socialist?  Who wouldn’t elect someone who promises them everything…and for free!  But nothing is for free.  If there is a hand that feeds you, then you better raise your hand in support of that hand!  No one bites the hand that spoon-feeds them. 
The Lord did not speak these words of paradox from a position of weakness.  He spoke them from a position of strength.  When He picked up His cross; when He died on the Cross, He showed the world that He would not compromise, under any conditions or circumstances, His principles, His morals, His values, His teachings, His Father, His God, His mission, His life!

That is what we should be insisting on when we dialogue with our enemies.  We should speak from a position of strength, not of fear!  We should seek to understand while at peace and never when attacked.  We should never give our enemies the impression that violence pays.
It appears as though we deal with our national debt the same way we deal with a crisis in foreign policy:  poorly.  If we do not pay now (or pay attention now), than others will pay.  And boy will they pay! 

Carrying the Cross is paying the price and taking the high road!


  1. Father Alfonse, I very much agree with your thoughts. :)

    Growing up, I believed communism would cause the end of our world as we know it. I always feared nuclear war with the Soviets. Now I'm convinced our "World War III" may very well be with Islam countries. When I took my Islam course, I thought I'd understand more clearly what the religion was all about. Maybe it wasn't as violent and caustic as I always feared? Maybe Muslims were actually good people? (I'm sure a majority of them are peaceful, as many of my sources explained, but I begin to question when I hear of atrocities like what happened at the Libya embassy.) What I found most interesting in my study was how politics and the religion are intertwined within Islam cultures. There's no "separation of church and state" as we know of in our country. Could this be a reason why their presence is so pervasive and why they are so dead against Christianity, democracy, or freedom of religious expression? I thought it was extremely ignorant of an American to produce a film blasting Prophet Muhammad...and how cowardly of him to disappear. Any disrespect to Muhammad or any idol worshipping of Muhammad is a taboo. Islam is so multi-factioned, so polarized in terms of interpretations of the Koran and Summa how on earth could they respond in consensus to the September 11th attacks? It would've been of great consolation if an apology was presented. All I know is I am so glad I am a Catholic and not a Muslim, especially as a woman. As a Muslim, I would fear for my own safety and identity. (Of course, Muslims probably think the opposite: They are glad to be Muslim and not Catholic.)

    How on this green earth are we going to reverse the "God RIPs" in our American society? What can we do to reverse this backwards trend where the minority controls the majority? I heard on the radio something like over 80% of people believe in God yet the atheists at the DNC were the most vocal with their booing antics.

    We as Christians really need to stand up and get with the program. Don't woose out and allow our enemies to take over our religious rights and principles. I try not to fear what the world will be like when I reach retirement age. It's not looking too peachy. Hopefully my deep faith in Jesus Christ and my willingness to carry my cross, taking the high road, will help me along.

    Blessings & Peace,


  2. Well-said! Thank you for being courageous in speaking truth when too many are silent.

  3. Excellent meditation Father.


  4. So hard to find respect for another culture's religion when, like you said, not one cleric or Islamic religious figure apologizes or condemns the viscous attack. Nor have they ever apologized or condemned any of the many attacks on America and Americans. Why is every American responsible for one persons film? And I absolutely agree...time for us to step it up as Catholics and stop woosing out (yikes, is that the spelling?) I certainly find I am more vocal about my faith and values as I "narrow my focus". How do you like that Father....I'm retaining your messages and spreading your wisdom to my family constantly. I am praying for the family of the Ambassador. How painful to see your loved one disgraced and murdered by those who claim to be of a respectful religion. The world isn't looking too peachy.

  5. I believe the film was done by a Muslim, to make it look like they are right and we are evil. Evil doers are cleaver, the attack was planned long before the film came out. The devil has thousands of years of experience at deceiving us. Many fall to his tricks, all we can do is pray for our enemies, all of them, even the ones in our own country who have lost their way and no longer believe in our Heavenly Father. We are living in the last days, and this may very well be the way it all ends. This can not be stopped, the bible tells us it will end in violence. But fear not, no matter how our individual lives end, it is just the beginning for the believers. The greatest teaching we can teach our children and grandchildren is to know and love our Lord and Savior so they too can go onto eternity in heaven. To live their lives in Christ, and walk with him in our daily journey through our time here on earth.

    Jennifer B, once again I am inspired with your wisdom. Father Alfonse, your heart is so inspiring, your love for the Lord is a great example to us all, you are a wise man, and I thank you....


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