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Monday, October 15, 2012

Luke 11:29-32 The Power of Faith

Luke 11:29-32  The Power of Faith
While still more people gathered in the crowd, Jesus said to them, “This generation is an evil generation; it seeks a sign, but no sign will be given it, except the sign of Jonah…”
Last night I had dinner with a wonderful family.  I was happy to see the oldest daughter who was home for fall break.  She’s a freshman in college and loves every minute of it.  I noticed immediately that she was happy, very happy.  So, I asked her if she had a boyfriend.  And with the biggest smile on her face she said “YES!!!!”
I still remember the conversation I had with her right before she left for college.  I told her that she would never have a problem finding a boyfriend.  I’m not sure if she really believed me.  Most kids never believe me.  Actually, most kids never listen to me!  But anyways, I can understand her hesitation.  You see, she graduated from High School without ever having had a “boyfriend”.  She may not have been happy about that, but I sure was.  I know who she is.  She is a treasure - a very beautiful, intelligent and just all-around awesome young lady.  And personally, I was amazed that she got through High School without getting noticed.  I truly believe it was a miracle.
Fortunately, she never changed.  She remained steadfast.  Unfortunately, most girls end up changing, not for better but for worse.   They disavow their morals, values and dignity thinking they will get what they are looking for, but all they end up doing is dying (whenever you give up your morals, values and dignity, you end up losing your true idenitity, you end of dying).  Many kids fall into this trap because they lack faith not only in themselves but in God.
Why do we lack faith in God?  Because most people settle with having an emotional affair with God.  They love God just because they can feel Him.    But that’s not a good enough reason to love anyone, especially God.  If someone gets married based purely on emotions (or due to an emotional affair), then chances are you’ll get divorced squarely on cold facts. 
Faith is not an “emotional affair” with God.  Faith is based on cold facts.  When Jesus told his disciples, “If you wish to follow me, pick up your cross and follow me.”  That means, “If you remain faithful to me, then you will suffer greatly.”  That’s faith!  And that’s the hard cold fact of our faith.   I can accept it or reject it.  If I stay close to God (keep their morals, values and dignity), I will go through Hell.  But in the end, I will be rehabilitated and resurrected.  People will admire me forever!  God will love me forever. 
Give us signs.  I do not follow God based on feelings.  I follow him based on solid evidence.  Sin destroys lives!  Just like the Lord said it would.  Forgiveness re-creates lives.   Yep!  Just like the Lord did.  “If the world hated me, then it will hate you.”    How true it is!  I don’t believe I am hated because I defend marriage, life and morals.  I know it!  And you should too.
Do I realize that my sins – my actions or omissions - can contribute to the collapse of my marriage, the downfall of my family, my church, my friends, my neighborhood, my relationships, my city, my country, my world?  Do I realize the power of just one person and one wrong decision?  Do I realize that my sins destroy my lives and the lives of others?  Does the absent father realize how he is damaging his children?  Does the attention-seeking-mom realize how damaging she is to her children? 
But do I realize that there is something greater here?  As much as my actions can destroy lives, so also my love and God’s truth can rebuild them?
In order for the city of Nineveh to be saved, the inhabitants had to unite behind one man, a foreigner:  Jonah.   Today, Christians are foreigners. 
Evil generations.  Why are we trying so hard to mask sin?  Why are we trying to redefine marriage?  Why did our parents not fight against the legalization of abortion?  Why are we allowing a “culture of death” to overtake a “culture of life”?

Voting should not an "emotional affair".  Voting should be done in good faith.   
Next month, four states will be holding referendums to decide whether or not to protect marriage or redefine it.  All referendums are unfair just as all voting is unfair.  They are unfair because our ancestor will not be voting, and they deserve to vote, for many of them voted before and believed in God, family and country, and sacrificed so much for their state and nation.  It is also unfair because future generations will not be allowed to vote either, but will be forced to live with our disastrous decisions. 
The founding fathers had a chance to rid our nation of slavery, once and for all.  Instead, they voted for less and left it to another President and generation to solve the problem. They should have let us vote for it was a ghastly mistake.  And it cost much more than any of them could ever have imagined.    
Our great grandfathers were so happy when we created the first atomic bomb.  But if they knew then what we would fear today –getting in the hands of terrorists – then maybe they would have considered things differently and considered fighting on.
No one seems to be concerned about an atomic Iran, just like no one back in 1979 thought Iran would be the threat it is today?  Definitely President Carter didn’t.  But if we could have voted back then, then maybe Carter and his staff would have taken a tougher stand when our embassy and staff were held hostage for over a year?  Are we not doing the same with Libya?  Or with the possibility of a nuclear Iran?  Are we not deliberately buying time for ourselves so that others, who can’t vote now, will have to fight later?
Today, no one seems to be concerned about the national debt.  Maybe it’s because those who will pay for it aren’t alive to vote on it. 
The power of faith.  The one who has faith does not live for today.  They live for eternity.  They don’t vote for today.  They vote for their children and tomorrow.  They do not sacrifice their children.  They sacrifice themselves.  Respect God.  Respect Life.  That’s the power of faith.


  1. great words. great picture. thank you for this meditation.

  2. Father Alfonse,

    My faith is restored when you talk about this young lady, imagine how many lives she touches, shouldn’t that give us hope in itself? And trust me I am not that naïve that she can change the world but she can surely be a great influence just like St. Therese? Her conversion transformed her life and has touched many lives today.

    “Why do we lack faith in God? Because most people settle with having an emotional affair with God. They love God just because they can feel Him.” Boy did I learn this the hard way! It has taken many people to guide me through this understanding. Am I there yet, no, but I am trying, I still go through tough times, I accept my cross and carry it with faith because at the end I know He loves me a sinner.

    And yes I do realize that my sins – my actions or omissions - can contribute to the collapse of my marriage, the downfall of my family, my church, my friends, my neighborhood, my relationships, my city, my country, my world." Losing everything scares me but it doesn't compare to the fear I have of losing eternity, because when I realize what sins I have committed, I also realize I am sinning against God and Him alone, yet I have faith that He is still working on me…molding me and leading me to Him…My Jesus I Trust in You, My Jesus I Trust in You, My Jesus I Trust in You.

  3. Amen, Father, Amen! So true. We saw this when we lived overseas. It was crazy that when we lived what we believed and were open to life (more than two kids), how criticized we were. "If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first."

  4. If only you weren't preaching to the choir on your blog! Fantastic meditation Father! Fantastic and full of the beautiful and honest truth. Unfortunately our current VP felt it necessary to lie to the nation at the debate, and I'm sure many, many Catholics and other Christians alike have no idea what the HHS mandate is all about anyway. Sadly a lifelong family friend and former teacher of mine who happens to be a nun will be voting pro-death this election. We must put the law of God before the law of Man always! God will never let us down. Can't say that about man.

  5. Most kids never believe me.  Actually, most kids never listen to me! 
    Father Alfonse, are you sure????? You'd be surprised!!!!!!!

  6. No one seems to be concerned about an atomic Iran, just like no one back in 1979 thought Iran would be the threat it is today- yes! very true. I would not know, because that was the year I was born (1979) LOL ( sorry Father, not laughing at you, just a little hyped up, I guess because I'm still awake).When I was a teenager or young adult.I do admit I never care or had any interested about what was going on in the world or even across the country. But now in my early 30's and along with my children we are always keeping up with the National News about what is going in our world Today and discussing among each other our views and opinion. Especially my 8th grader and 6 grader

    Father you should be proud "My little Tiger Face" told me he wanted to be a Senator of TX, I told him, he needs to work on speaking up and expressing himself towards people

    Goodnight Father !God Bless:)

  7. wow, me being upset with not having a boyfriend, and God sending me this meditation.......a little miracle.


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