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Saturday, March 23, 2013

John 11:45-56 What Are You Going To Do With Him?

Many of the Jews who had come to Mary and seen what Jesus had done began to believe in him.  But some of them went to the Pharisees and told them what Jesus had done.  So the chief priests and the Pharisees convened the Sanhedrin and said, “What are we going to do?”
They want to kill God! 
Friedrich Nietzsche tried to kill God.  Christopher Hitchens tried as well.  All who tried have died trying.  God will not die.  He will not allow himself to be put to shame, for when we attempt to shame God, we end up embarrassing ourselves.  When we try humiliating God, we end up humiliating ourselves.  And when we try to outperform God, we end up regretting it. 
Even when we try to crucify the Lord, we end up crucifying ourselves, for every time we try to do harm to God, we end up hurting ourselves.
It’s true.  It’s all true.  When we destroy human life at its weakest moment, we embarrass ourselves and drain our favorite words like “justice”, “tolerance”, “equality” and “respect” of all meaning.  
There is an abortionist on trial in Philadelphia who is accused of killing full term fetuses by snapping their necks.  Planned Parenthood has not come out and condemned this vicious abortionist.   They can’t.  They can’t risk it.  Their business depends on killing babies.  The news media, in cahoots with Planned Parenthood, has completely ignored the trial.  They can’t report it.  They can’t risk it.  They’ve put their fingers way too deep in this disgrace.  Hence, both organizations embarrass themselves by contradicting themselves.  They will not report scandals other than those of the Catholic Church.
Throughout history, men have tried to kill God only to end up killing human lives.
When we try to humiliate God, we end up humiliating ourselves.  You hear them all the time, our meaningless slogans:  “equality” and “he/she should have done more.”  What exactly do these slogans mean if Christ is not the standard to measure our lives by?  We are told that homosexual “marriage” is about equality.  There’s nothing equal about it! Not for the children who will be adopted by them nor for the couples who wish to have more than one spouse.  After all, when we end up redefining marriage, we will immediately be denying others the right to get married according to their ills and wishes. 
There is no such thing in America as “equality” - not in pay, not in price, not in our way of life, especially when certain lives are considered cheaper than others, valued more than others, and terminated by others.  When we try to humiliate God’s creation by creating our own, we end up belittling ourselves.
There is no such thing as “equality” when we are advocating our own selfish desires and schemes. 
What are we going to do?  A person is considered a genius if they can invent an object that is independent of human intervention.  In other words, “if it runs on its own.”  And yet there are some people that consider this the very sign that there is no God!  What a bunch of hypocrites!   People are full of contradictions and are content with them, as long as they can take advantage of them.
But God is full of contradictions as well.  However, His contradictions are always inspiring, lifting, pointing in the right direction.  Christ was small yet remained a giant.  He was humble yet mighty; betrayed and tortured and still forgiving and giving.
What are you going to do with Him?  There are two historical options:  kill Him or kiss Him?  Blame Him or thank Him?  Ignore Him or Love Him? 
In a world that is constantly searching for “gods,” I will follow God, the God of Jesus Christ, all the way to Calvary. 
Resolution:  I will follow the Lord and do as He did.  I will place my trust in the Lord before I trust in men.  I will hope in the Lord before I place my hopes (and votes) in men.  I will be a sign of contradiction.


  1. Father, I wish we could sit down with Jesus and talk to him, hear his answers, feel his forgiveness and hear him, my child you have repented for many years now, I forgave you long ago. I know he forgave the murderer on the cross, but does that include any kind of murder.

    I am one of those women that chose to have an abortion. It was 1986, I was young and for a multitude of what felt like good reasons I decided to terminate the pregnancy. It was the most anguishing decision of my like, but that is not the worst of it. The nurses talked to this huge group of women that were there that day, we were all put in this big waiting room. Waiting for our names to be called. She said, you are all here for different reasons, this is hard, but don't look back, you are doing what is right for you. She was sooooooo wrong. I remember when they called my name, I went in, there was this big operating table with a giant light above, they suspended my legs in the air with straps around my ankles. I said I must talk to the doctor, she said oh we never allow the patient to see the doctor, I said then let me down, I must ask him a question. She left for a moment, and then a doctor came in with his face in a surgical mask, he said you wanted to talk to me. I said yes, I must know something. I will always hear my own words saying to him, will the baby feel any pain, because if it will I can not do this. He looked at my chart and said, you are only 4 weeks along, it is just a cluster of cells, it will not feel a thing. With tears in my eyes I said OK then go ahead.

    These clinics tell young people you've made your decision, don't look back look forward, but not looking back is absolutely impossible. I have regretted my decision every day of my life since that horrible horrible day 27 yrs ago, in a thousand ways for a thousand reasons. Things those nurses never mentioned. But I take the full responsibility for my own decision, I feel I destroyed my chance to have eternity in heaven with my loved ones and with our Lord. I cried out one night (there have been hundreds of nights where I cried out) but that night I cried out to the baby I killed, I killed my own child, what could be worse then that, there is no greater sin then to rip your own child out of your body where you are supposed to protect it.I begged the baby to forgive me, for not being brave enough to face the struggle alone. God's precious gift to me, and I rejected it. I have repented over and over again, but still I wonder is it enough, can God really forgive a mother who kills her own child? I would appreciate your thoughts on the forgiveness part of this issue that so many women face after they realize they did the wrong thing.

    I believe if we can not change the abortion laws the least we can do is make it mandatory for the mother who is contemplating an abortion to have so many hours of counseling before she is allowed to go through with it. Someone who is going to explain the options of adoption instead of abortion. The life altering guilt that will fall upon her soul that she will never get over, never.

    Pleas father if you can please tell me what you think. It would be appreciated, can God forgive me, do I have a chance of getting to heaven.

    1. Christina,
      Please consider attending a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat, where you will experience that God has already forgiven you, because you have repented. Also contact a crisis pregnancy center which also offers post abortive care. God bless you!

  2. What are you going to do with Him?
    kiss Him
    thank Him
    Love Him

    I hope you have a blessed and enjoyable Palm Sunday Father Alfonse :)

  3. This is from Anne a lay apostle. She is a mystic who lives in Ireland with her husband and six children. Jesus, the blessed mother and the saints speak to her and she records what they say. Her apostolate is " direction for oir times." Here's a message from Jesus speaking to those who had an abortion. Hope you find consolation in this!

    August 1, 2005 Jesus
    My children, you are all so precious to Me. There is a temptation for people to believe that if they have made a grave mistake, they are not welcome in heaven or that they are not suitable companionship for Me. This is not true. And this temptation must be fought against. Sin is forgivable. All sin. I want to direct attention here specifically to the sin of abortion. This sin has become so commonplace in your world that some souls have come to believe it is not serious. Well, dear little soul, you must understand that it is the enemy of all things living who has spread this error. This is a trick, a master deceit of such proportion that it has resulted in the slaughter of many. Now, you may wonder at My feelings on this. I will share them with you. I am grieved, in the extreme. I am sad each time I welcome a rejected little one back to Myself. And they are welcomed home, believe Me. I am all mercy and love and these little ones are in no way at fault, so heaven gives them great joy upon their return. In the same way, we will welcome you home, regardless of your sins. Be at peace. There are many souls in
    heaven who have committed sins of this magnitude. You might say heaven is filled with sinners, My friend, but these are repentant sinners. Would you like to repent and serve as My beloved apostle? I know that you would and it is for this reason that I have come to you with these words. You are forgiven. I have many things to share with you that will help you to understand your situation. Rest your wounded little heart against Me now as I show you how to return in completeness.

    Katie Giangiulio

    1. Dear Katie, Thank you, heaven gives them great joy upon their return. Reading your reply has given me some measure of comfort. I believe God forgives the repentant sinner, if their heart is truly sorry. The bible teaches you this, it's just that for me, I will always carry the cross of deep profound regret. I am willing, for I have found over the years there is certain things, certain life lessons one should never forget. There are times I wonder, can God forgive me. I continue to ask for forgiveness, I continue to pray. I disappointed the Lord, I made him grieve in the extreme, and I altered my own view of myself. I want to bring the Lord great joy, love and thanks for all of my days.

      I never heard of Ann who you speak of, does she have a web sight where she posts the things God speaks to her about? If so could you reply once more and post it back to me on another reply, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you for taking the time out to help me, I cried out and you stepped up, thank you.

      With love to you sister in Christ,

      Christina H

    2. Sure Christina! Its

      Anne has many volumes and I think you will love what Jesus and Mary and the saints have to say. Christina, I do believe that there is healing for you in this life. You mentioned dissapointing the Lord, Well Anne speaks about this in one of the volume about our continual screwups. But shockingly enough, heaven does not view it that way. Jesus gave Anne an image of a child learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time. And the parent staying right behind them, ensuring that they are safe and protected. Jesus is the same with us. He gives all His children paternal care and protection to ALL who ask for it. He sometimes lets us go, but when we start to fail, he takes ahold of us and brings us right back to the center again like any good parent would. So by this little exercise, Jesus explained to Anne that he does not see us " failing" or screwing up, we are just practicing! And He is most tender with us. Remeber to be gentle with yourself Christina. The Lord says, "You are precious in my sight and I love you". These are HIS words just for you! Always remeber that heaven is on your side. And heaven is full of sinners like you and I. So you and I both are in good company. Heaven is on your side little apostle of the Lord. Continue to serve and do not be afraid to be loved by the Father and accept His mercy and forgiveness.

      Blessings dear sister,
      Katie Giangiulio

    3. Dear Katie, Thank you once again, you are so kind and uplifting with your compassion. I will go to Anne's web site. I have been truly blessed in my life with our Lords never ending love. I wish I had enough space on Fr Alfonse blog to tell you about the miracles God gave to me last year when my husband was dying. Yes, God loves all sinners and wants us to go and sin no more, especially the same sin. We can fall prey to the devils tricks, he has thousands of years to perfect them, to figure out which ones will work on this person or that person to pull him/her away from God. I do believe he works on the Christians more then those who do not believe in God, for he knows he already has the non believers.

      Thank you again, you took the time to help me and you don't even know me. You are one of those earthly angels, God's worker bee's who help whenever they can, wherever they can and to whoever they can. May God bless you for all of your days.....


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