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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mt 13:36-43 Who Am I To Judge?

Tuesday of the Seventeenth Week In Ordinary Time
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Jesus dismissed the crowds and went into the house.  His disciples approached him and said, “Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field.”

He who sows good seed is the Son of Man.  Do good, avoid evil.  Be a man of your word and a man of the Word.  Be a man created in the image and likeness of God.  Treat everyone with compassion and mercy.  Do not judge.  Do not condemn. 

Throw good seed.  Be like Jesus. 

Just yesterday, the Holy Father threw some good seed when he asked a crowd of reporters, “Who am I to judge?”  His comment was made in reference to certain monsignor working in the Vatican accused of having had a homosexual relationship.  The Pope made it very clear to all the reporters present that the accusations made against the prelate had been investigated and nothing was found to back up the allegations. 

“Who am I to judge?”  This doesn’t mean that we cannot know “right” from “wrong.”  Of course we can, and we determine it all the time.  But what the Holy Father is insisting on is that we not write-off anyone, for the final judgment (of men) is made by God, not by men.  Only “the Son of Man will send his angels, and they will collect out of his Kingdom all who cause others to sin and all evildoers.” 

We have to be careful throughout our lives to not right-off anyone; to dismiss them or leave them as if they were dead and buried.  Only God can penetrate the hearts of men.  Only God can separate the wheat from the weeds.  No one else. 

For a brief moment, Pope Francis took journalists to task for reporting on the matter, saying the allegations concerned matters of sin, not crimes like sexually abusing children.  And when someone sins and confesses, he said that God not only forgives but forgets.  “We don’t have the right to not forget.” 

Let’s not fool ourselves.  This is the only honest and rational way sinners, who have been knocked down, can get back up again.

“The Lord is kind and merciful (Ps. 103:8a).”

As I was scrolling down the article, my eye caught sight of a comment that read something to the affect:  “The Pope is homophobic.”  What this “Catholicphobic” individual is actually saying about our dearly beloved Pope is that to agree with someone is the same as to love someone.

Imagine for a moment if I said to someone: “I’m sorry, but if you don’t agree with me on this issue, then I cannot love you.”

This attitude is a symptom of a spoiled upbringing.  I won’t love you unless you give me what I want.  And it perfectly describes our “modern” society. 

Somehow, in one way or another, we gave birth to an entire generation of Americans who feel entitled and privileged.   They think they are “more special” than others.  They even think they are “better” than others.  But they are not, not in the very least, for they are ruthless, belittling, and blatantly intolerant towards others.

Someone recently wrote to me accusing me of being one-sided.  They said that Google knows how to advertise to me since they can see what I read.  They think I only read FOXNEWS.

Think again.  I actually have subscriptions to the New York Times, The Huffington Post and other likeminded newspapers.  I actually post (on my other blog) articles not only from these news sources, but also from CBS, ABC and MSN. 

Maybe some people fit into certain categories, and that makes it slightly easier for us to judge them.  But I do not consider myself one-sided.  I actually read (and listen) to both sides of an issue before making any decisions.  Not only that, but to be perfectly honest, I must say that “one-side” actually feeds (and helps to grow) the other side.

There are two ways to grow in faith:  with wheat (by experiencing the fruits of charity) and with weeds (by experiencing the fruits of sin).

I don’t know if weeds actually help wheat to grow, but they sure have helped me to grow in my faith.   

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  1. Fr. Alfonse, would it be possible to have the link to your other blog.


  3. I love it! You shine light on so many things. Sometimes it's hard for Christians to not "judge" as we sit back trying to live this good life and peer out at others pointing at their imperfections. We cannot condone anyone as it is only God that judges. God says over and over the biggest commandment is all about love.

  4. What a great message! God says over and over again the most important commandment is all about love. As Christians sometimes we get caught up in trying to live this good life and we begin pointing at others' imperfections when God is the only one who can truly judge.

  5. But sir, so many children abused in the Church!

    Pope Francis “Who am I to Judge?”

    Did not the Lord give you authority! and what about the many countless victims? no justice for them!

    Pope Francis ” Gay clergy should be forgiven and their sins forgotten”

    There is no way I'm going to bring my children to be blessed or recieve communion or go to confession before a gay clergy or queer priest in the house of the Lord. It's a disgrace!!! no regard for the countless numbers of children and families who have been molested and screwed by these demonic queers in the church.
    No regard for these suffering people whatsoever!
    The millions upon millions of dollars spent to protect and keep these stink en jackass queers comfortable, when all this money should have gone to the poor needy and homeless!!

    It is illegal for gay clergy to perform any ceremonial services to the faithful, let alone dress up in holy e tire.

    This pope is a bum blasting jackass! a deciever! one who speaks not the word of the Lord.
    A BIG DOSE OF TRUTH MIXED WITH A BIG LIE. And the gull to say this, returning from youth day!
    So shall the Lord come with swift justice to all those who agree with this brown stained pope.

    U can bet on that!
    In Jesus Mary and Joseph Thy Will Be Done, Amen and Amen (*)

    1. Just because there may be a gay priest doesn't automatically make him a sexual predator. Look at all the sexual predators in our schools. What is the difference? Pope Francis cannot judge the hearts of gay priests so perhaps you should stop judging for yourself. Maybe you should read a little more about what Pope Francis was actually saying. To keep your family away from the Church because of the sins of some priests is ridiculous and naive. This sin happens in EVERY denomination. As a matter of fact, just last month it happened at the church across the street from my house and he is a married man with two children!

  6. -
    Look at all the sexual predators in our schools. What is the difference?

    Schools don't systematically hide and reassign teachers to protect them from lawsuits.

  7. "What's the difference? Schools don't systematically hide and reassign teachers to protect them from lawsuits."

    No they don't, they just kept them in the same place to abuse more students, for public schools continue to be shielded from lawsuits.

    This should be a bigger scandal than any other scandal, but politicians keep exempting them for special treatment.

    It's ugly head is yet to fully come out.

    1. Thanks for your help and input. There is so much we don't know that went on behind the scenes with the priests. So many of them were sent to get help but the facility was not quite up to par and sadly the priests were sent back to serve. So keep in mind that not everything was swept under the rug.

    2. -
      This should be a bigger scandal than any other scandal, but politicians keep exempting them for special treatment

      If this happens in a public school, should it be punished? yes. But when it comes from an organization that claims to hold the supreme standard of morality, I think that is a bigger issue.

  8. To have a standard of morality does not require the same effort as living the standard. I thank God that the Church gives us a standard. I have no delusions in thinking that every person in the Church, regardless of position or authority, lives it every minute of their lives.

    That's what so many people have a hard time understanding. The Church is not holy because of its people. It's holy because of Jesus Christ.

    It is a cause of scandal only to those who thought that priests or anyone in the Church were immune to sin. We are all sinners. I count myself among the sinners as well.

    What I love about the Church is her ability to forgive. Forgiveness is what the Church does best: in baptism, in Marriage, in Confession, in the Eucharist, in the Last Rites.


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