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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mark 11:27:33 By Whose Authority

Saturday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time
Jesus and his disciples returned once ore to Jerusalem.  As he was walking in the temple area, the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders approached him and said to him, “By what authority are you doing these things?  Or who gave you this authority?”
We are great at making false statements.  We like to make others think that we’re in control of something when we’re not in control of anything.  Moms love to tell their friends that they tell their daughters what to do; but in reality, it is the daughters that tell their moms what to do.  We like to think that we are our pet’s master, but we are not.  They control us.  They hold the lease.  They decide when it is time to go.  At least this is what I have seen while walking around the neighborhood early in the morning.     
We like to think we are very scientific.  We are not.  When a federal judge (and not a scientist) recently ruled that Plan B should be available without a prescription to any girl of any age, feminists applauded the decision by saying “science had finally won.”  Hardly.  This was a propaganda victory, pure and simple, and they know it.  It was never about scientific, let alone girl’s health.  This type of victory was the same type of victory that took same-sex attraction off the list of disorders. I’d like to know the “scientific” reasons for that decision.  I can’t find any.  Which makes me wonder why other attractions weren’t taken off the list of disorders as well?  Don’t tell me that “consent” is a scientific explanation.  After all, according to our “latest” theories involving evolution, our world was driven not by consent but by brute force.  Only the strongest survive, right?  So when did “consent” become king and make all things permissible?  The ocean doesn’t ask for my permission before it swallows me.  The lion doesn’t beg my permission before chewing me.  According to the scientific theory of survival, it isn’t the gentleman that survives but the brute.    Imagine if science finally won this argument!  Oh boy, what a world we’d be living in!
Is it science that drives our health and research?  I don’t think so.  At least not according to our federal government’s website  After telling teens it's okay to be straight or gay, they go on to say that “Lesbians are more likely to have certain health problems, like obesity, smoking, and depression.”  So why are we encouraging putting one plus one together and then ignoring the result?  Why is this website, aimed at girls 10-16, telling young girls that “finding what makes you smile and how to live well – is what makes you ‘you.’ And that is beautiful.”  Really?  Aw… how sweet…and so unscientific!  Our government was even
"kind" enough to i
nclude a disturbing glossary of terms such as anal sex and mutual masturbation for our kids.  I thought we didn’t want government in our bedroom?  I guess we do.
Our government and Hollywood are constantly trying to drive sex into our home!  It’s all about sex stupid!  From teens having sex to teens being moms.  One show after another is an exploit of one mistake after another.  And then they blame the Church for ruining our lives!!!  How ridiculous!  Even Coca-cola is now in the billion dollar business of selling teen love to sell teens cokes.  Have you seen their latest commercial entitled “Falling?"  I did.  But I wondered what they meant by "Falling":  “Falling in Love” or “Falling for it”?  Teen love?  Really?  Give me a break!  Teen love is like “summer love” which reminds me of Thomas Paine’s summer soldier and sunshine patriot. 
It’s not teen love, it’s teen sex!  And teen sex makes teens smile for five minutes and cry for five months! Have you noticed?   
We Americans are extremely gifted; actually, quite talented, in bending the truth; that is, in calling things what they are not. 
From the “No-nothings” to the “know everythings,” I don’t know which one is worse, but I do know that while Hollywood continues to trash parents and the Catholic Church, it is left to these two institutions to pick up the pieces of their children’s lives.  Have you noticed?   Hollywood loves Jodi Arias (or the Amanda Byne's of the world).  They love her to death.  But it will be left to her mother to witness the real thing.
The government is all about appeasing.  Hollywood is all about glamour, not life.  We only get a chance to see the stars while they are on the top of the world.  We rarely see them when the world is on top of them.
There are only two types of authority in the world:  the real and the imaginary; God made and manmade. 
By whose authority do you do what you do?

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