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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Acts 11:19-26 Scattering and Gathering

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Easter
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Those who had been scattered by the persecution that arose because of Stephen went as far as Phoenicia, Cyprus, and Antioch...

Scattering.  We have all heard of the tragic Christian exodus occurring in the Middle East.  Christian communities, that have existed for centuries (or for a thousand years) in places such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Gaza, are being forced out, and there appears to be no end in sight from their plight.

This tragedy extends well beyond the Christian communities, for without Christians in the Middle East, moderate Muslims will fall victim to fundamentalists.

Speaking at UNESCO in Paris on April 25th, Lebanese Cardinal Bechara Rei said Christians were "irreplaceable peacemakers" and, without them, "Islam will fall into the hands of fundamentalists."  He called on Europe and the international community "to ensure that Christians remain in their countries." 

He said resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the first step that needed to be taken. 

Two thousand years ago another conflict needed to be resolved:  the Jewish-Christian conflict.  Prior to the Roman persecution, Christians were being persecuted by their fellow Jewish brothers and sisters, among them a man named Saul, who consented to their arrest and even death. 

Hence, the early Christian communities often lived in fear and trembling, with many leaving their homes and going off to far away places.

Why would God let this happen? 

Gathering.  Does God have anything to do with past and even present exoduses?  Of course He does.  We cannot forget that we believe in a God who knows everything. He is not oblivious to our cries or needs.  As Christians, we cannot say that persecution is not a part of God's doing.  We cannot!, since God is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving. 

God allows these things to happen to good people. 

Why would God let this happen?

Well, if the past is any indication of the future, then we know that the early Christians went off to far lands and began to share the Good News with others. 

They spread the Gospel message far and wide, and it all happened in a state of weakness.

What is happening in the Middle East is a tragedy, let's make no mistakes about it.  But we know that the Father works many miracles through tragedies, starting with His very own Son.

Christians around the world should unite in prayer and in support for their suffering brothers and sisters.  They should decry the countless beheadings of their brothers and sisters in Christ and imitate their bravery at home and at work.


  1. I think God gives us opportunities to grow in faith through circumstances we can't understand or control. Would I have the same outlook as this little girl if I experienced what she has? I don't know, it's hard to say from the comforts of home. What I do know is that from her testimony I'm inspired to enter into a deeper relationship with our loving God.

  2. Well said. We have to believe that God is working through these persecuted communities in Middle East. We must do our part and support them and imitate their great faith and courage.

    I feel like communities in the West have waned these past few decades in their fervor and seriousness because of a false sense of security and comfort. God and society seemed to be serving us, not the other way around. I think this violence and general hostility have, and should continue to, shock the Christians here. It's a shame that it takes such evil to motivate the good, but this seems to be the nature of a fallen humanity. When we allow our faith to become passive and undisciplined, the world will take over and bring about disaster.


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