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Monday, April 6, 2015

Jn 20:1-9 How'd He Do That?

Easter Sunday
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On the first day of the week, Mary of Magdala came to the tomb early in the morning, while it was still dark, and saw the stone removed from the tomb.  So she ran and went to Simon Peter and to the other disciple whom Jesus loved, and told them, "They have taken the Lord from the tomb, and we don't know where they put him."

Easter and March Madness.  The Lord's resurrection is the most amazing thing ever to happen in the history of mankind and of the world, and today we celebrate this astonishing event.  

Jesus destroyed death.  He is alive!

I'm so happy for Him.  But not to sound selfish or anything, but...what about us?  How can we destroy death?  How can we rise from the dead?

I'm glad for Jesus.  He did it!!!  Yeah!'s a little like watching TV and listening to other peoples success stories.  It's like watching college basketball and seeing your favorite team win.  You say, "Yeah!  We did it!!!"  Well...not really.  It's more like "They did it!!!"  All I did was sit on my seat and eat popcorn or pizza and drink beer.  

So what's the secret to Christ's success?  How did He do it? 

After 40 days of Lent and lots of praying, reflecting and meditating, am I still stuck in the grave?  Has the new me emerged from the tomb?  Am I a new person?  What have I learned from Christ's success? 

How did He do it?  So how did the Lord rise from the dead?  What's His secret to success? I believe it is scattered (and sown) throughout scripture.  "Unless you become like a child...", "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart...", "The first shall be last and the last shall be first...", "Blessed are the meek and humble of heart...", "Those who humble themselves shall be exalted..."

What is the magic word?  What's the hidden ingredient?  What's the secret formula? Humility.

After Lent, have I become a more humble person?  Do I value the virtue of humility?  Do I comprehend its power, its depth, its strength, its magic - its grace? 

This Easter, let's be careful to not get caught up in the "science" of the resurrection. 

Don't you love it how almost every year someone comes out with a logical or scientific explanation as to how the Lord rose from the dead?  A few years back there was a theory that Jesus really didn't die on the Cross; that he faked his death. 

They don't get it, just like they don't get Cinderella.  What makes Cinderella so beautiful, so amazing, so awesome?  Is it her hair?  Is it her dress?  Is it the magic?  No. No! NO!  It is her humility. 

Have I learned this lesson yet?  If so, then I have risen!  Or at least gone from last place to first place.  "The last shall be first..."

Humility in action.  When it comes to humility, it's better to do certain things than to use certain words.  So what must I do?

+ Stop putting the Lord on trial.  I can't put Jesus on trial every time I'm going through trials and tribulations and experiencing pain and suffering.  I can't do this to him over and over and over again.  Why are you doing this to me?  What did I ever do to you?  Why do you hate me? You don't really exist! You don't really care about me!  You don't love me!

Stop!  Don't do this. After reflecting and meditating on the Lord's passion, I can't do this ever again.  NEVER AGAIN!  I won't go back to square one.  I won't go there.  It's not healthy.  It's not right.

Trials and tribulations, pain and suffering were never meant to separate us from God.  Instead, they were meant to unite us to Him.  I can't doubt the Lord every time I don't get what I want.  Instead, I have to learn to imitate Him.  I have to learn to do the opposite of what I feel like doing. 

When I feel like running, I stop.  When I feel like hitting someone, I tie my hands behind my back, just like the Lord did, or allowed others to do to Him.

+ Stop blaming others.  This is probably the greatest lesson I learned this past Lent.  The Lord had ample opportunities to blame others (for all His problems)...

- If the Pharisees weren't such hypocrites...
- If Pilate wasn't so dishonest...
- If Herod wasn't so stupid...
- If that blind man or leper or crippled hadn't said a word...

Or blame himself...

- If I hadn't picked Judas.
- If I hadn't picked Peter.
- If I hadn't feed the 5000 people, but maybe just three or four...
- If I had just kept my mouth shut.

...then maybe things would have been so different.

Let's remember something very important and humbling here:  Success isn't in our hands, it's in God's hands, and He is more than willing to give us a hand. 

Maybe the reason why humility is such a big secret is because it was meant to be revealed by Christians.  Now that's humbling!

HAPPY EASTER!  May the Risen Lord be known and shared throughout the world!

1 comment:

  1. “… Do I value the virtue of humility? Do I comprehend its power, its depth, its strength, its magic - its grace?

    ...Trials and tribulations, pain and suffering were never meant to separate us from God. Instead, they were meant to unite us to Him. … I have to learn to do the opposite of what I feel like doing.”

    I was so moved when listening to a homily because I knew Jesus was pushing me to accept His invitation: Will you be the first to love?

    How do I evangelize? How can I show the love of Jesus to others? Forget others, how can “I” prove my love to Jesus as He proved His Love for me?

    Radical Vulnerability in Relationships. That is the only place, the only space that I can become more humble, more like Jesus.

    It is SO hard!

    So what if I don’t succeed? What if she won’t talk to me? What if she never talks to me again? If I do everything consciously out of love for God, He will cover all my mistakes. Only my pride has been hurt, which is the very thing that He wants!!! What a blessing! Even though I cannot control my friend’s fear, I can let her know that I will always be here for her.

    To be the first one to love is such a hard position to be in because I have to show my vulnerabilities, my weaknesses, my faults so that I may be judged by the very person I am trying to love. Even if she doesn’t get my intentions, God will.

    Great insights Father Alfonse, as always.


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