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Monday, May 25, 2015

Jn 20:19-23 Pentecost and Graduation

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On the evening of that first day of the week, when the doors were locked, where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in their midst and said to them, "Peace be with you."  ...And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit.  Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained."

Graduation.  Once a year I have the incredible honor and privilege to celebrate Ursuline Academy's Baccalaureate Mass for their graduating seniors.  This year the ceremony fell on Pentecost Sunday.  What a special grace!

As I looked out at my audience, I was filled with joy and love.  The sight was more breathtaking and more beautiful than even the seven wonders of the world!  I guess that's because I have known these young souls for four years and have fallen in love with them. 

I am also filled with admiration for their parents.  These dear people are so close to my heart because most of them have played second fiddle to their children.  Yes!  They've had to endure teenage drama for four - maybe even more - years!  They've had to endure insult upon insult when people - good people - gave them little to no credit for their children's successes! 

Your daughter is so beautiful! It must be genetic.  
Your daughter is so amazing!  Some folks are just lucky. 
Your daughter is so intelligent.  That science fair project she finished all by herself is remarkable! 

We know better.  When it comes to raising kids, there is no cherry-picking and no accidents.  What makes all the difference in the world is COMMITMENT! 

What made the Apostles successful in life and in death was their Savior's unconditional and undivided commitment to them. 

The doors were locked.  What does this mean?  Where the Apostles waiting for the cover of darkness to escape from Jerusalem, go into hiding (or back to Galilee) and wait for the best moment to return to their former way of life?  At first, we may think so, because we are told the doors were locked out of fear of the Jews.  But the reality is quite different:  the Apostles had locked the doors  because they were not going anywhere.  They were staying put!  Why?  Because they had committed themselves with all their heart and soul to the Lord.  They were one with the Lord. 

All for one and one for all.

Recent trends.  We've all heard the recent news about the downfall of Christianity in America.  We've all read the reports that marriage rates are falling to all time lows.  We've all heard that SAT Math scores are at their lowest since 2000. 

Our baby boomers appear to be having a lot of difficulties these days.  Of course there are those who would love to put a positive spin on a head wound and attribute these losses to so-called "new found freedoms!," but the truth of the matter is much darker and bleaker, and those who work with them on a daily basis know just how much they suffer. 

FOMO.  What's the root cause of a loss in Christian identity, in marriage rates, in divorce rates, in single-parents, in job hunting, in college drop outs, etc.?

Boomers have a fear that keeps them up late at night and that haunts them on a daily basis.  This fear is what they call FOMO:  The FEAR OF MISSING OUT.

How can I commit to something or to someone when there are so many options?  Why in the world would I ever commit to something (or to someone) when there might be something (or someone) better?

So they live life on the edge or on the surface, or in the corner.  In other words, they can't seem to make up their minds on anything (or anyone).    They are always looking for happiness.  They are always sniffing around looking for something (or someone) more exciting.

And by doing so, they are missing out on everything!

Because of this "fear of missing out", baby-boomers fear commitment - which translated into reality means - the fear of wedding vows, religious vows, having children, and saving for retirement.

Because of the FOMO, they keep their parents out of their lives, God at a distance, and their morals and values hidden.

Because of the FOMO, they avoid or cover-up at all cost  tears, sadness, and sickness.

Ironically, the fear of missing out causes them to miss out on one of the greatest pleasures of life:  discovering joy in the midst of hardships, challenges, difficulties and trials.

In essence, they are missing out on a big part of life!

It's time we try what the Apostles experienced and learned from Jesus Christ:  Commitment to God and to others allows us to live life to the full.  It allows us to experience not only happiness (an expected smile and an expected sense of fulfillment), but also joy (an unexpected smile, an unexpected sense of contentment and a very surprising sense of fulfillment).  In other words, a huge surprise!

Commitment produces surprises, and surprises are what makes life exciting and worth living.

The Apostles were filled with happiness and joy the moment the Lord appeared to them in their midst and through locked doors.  Now they were ready to walk out and begin the greatest adventure of their lives.  It was as if they had just graduated!

Heavenly Father, we thank you for all your blessings, especially upon all our 2015 Graduates who commit their lives to you and to the great adventure and tremendous challenge to serve others.  May your love for them continue to embolden them; may your Son continue to inspire them; and may your Holy Spirit continue to guide them.  We ask this through your Son, our Lord.  AMEN!


  1. "We've all heard the recent news about the downfall of Christianity in America. We've all read the reports that marriage rates are falling to all time lows. "

    And abortion rates, teen pregnancy rates, murder, overall crime are down in recent years.

    1. Murder rates down?

      Of course these are "spikes." But I wouldn't be surprised if they are a sign of things to come. We will see.

      Abortion rates? Hardly. Simply the number abortions performed in clinics. It does not account for the morning after pill. I suspect this number will continue to seem low with new technologies to destroy human life.

      Overall crime rate? Yes. Thank God for our police.

  2. Overall crime down? Maybe so, but there seems to be a wave.


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