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God bless you!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mk 10:46-52 Recalling God’s Work

Mk 10:46-52 Recalling God’s Work

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Why did Jesus heal the blind man? Why, in front of a sizable crowd, did the Lord stop speaking and call this man over to him? Of course, the most practical answer would be so that he would stop shouting, disrupting the Lord’s speech. But, there is a more profound reason: The Lord knows that one cure will open the eyes of many. In the eyes of the Lord, all the people are blind to the knowledge and the truth of who they are and who He is. Jesus heals the physically ill so as to communicate, by means of his words and miracles, the amazing spiritual healing he wishes to give to all.

“I am the light of the World; whoever follows me will have the light of life”

The blind man begins to see more than any other. He doesn’t just regain his sight. He doesn’t just go back to 20/20 vision. He uses his sight and begins to discover all that is, penetrating deeper than any other, into the marvelous beauty of the mysteries of God. He experiences the Lord’s presence, living it through and through, focusing sharper than any creature on His continence. He does not see as we see, he sees much deeper.

I am a firm believer that the poorest of the poor experience God’s love more than any of us; they live by it on a daily basis, it is their daily bread. Whereas, the vast majority of us, who are living under a man-made atmosphere of artificial lights, sounds, heating and cooling, etc. soon forget the sun and the moon, the cool waves and breeze; the sounds and sights of God’s amazing creation.

We may be blinded by our past, our sins or by disordered desires. God's grace means to regain our sight and never take anything for granted.As soon as the blind man could see, he took it all in, everything as if it were for the first time. He was homeward bound.

“Now I will recall God’s works; what I have seen, I will describe.”

Working with teenagers is tough, very tough. It is exhausting. Moms and dads are all too familiar with this. Their children have eyes and do not see; ears and do not hear. You just want to grab them by the shoulders and help them to see. The worst are the rich ones. Of course our pride rushes to associate wealth with intelligence. That is not true at all. The wealthy young do not see God or the reason to believe in God because they have not lived, and they have not lived because they have not sacrificed. It would appear to be a no win situation: I do not want them to go out and stumble. And yet, I want them to grow and mature! Parents must act like the Lord. Seek the opportunities to open your children’s eyes. Seek the means to help them penetrate deeper their thoughts, their words and their actions. Help them to recall God’s works. What you have seen, describe it to them. Turn their world upside down and right-side up. Help them to see the ingratitude that plagues our world and the lack of love that surrounds our ever smaller planet!

Kindergarten children get it! They instinctively live it! They are filled with a sense of wonder! They have made the connection. They have eyes and see everything; ears and hear everything! But the greatest connection they have made is Christ and Light; the Son of God and the Sun. As soon as a man or a woman dedicated to serving God and neighbor walks in, he or she is inundated with a massive flood of love, hugs and smiles. This is a glimpse of what God’s children should look like, regardless of age. This is how we should all greet each other: arms wide open, imitating the Son and quickly working their way inward, encircling the other and imitating the sun; giving warmth to all who are around. The child-like recall in a simple and beautiful way God’s amazing work of Creation and Redemption.


  1. "Recalling God's Works"...To marvel at life. To not just EXPLAIN how things exist (atomic particles bonding together, etc.) but ask WHY they exist. To seek the source of existence...

    Besides 'wealth' (material security) being a possible obstacle to faith, I think we can also suffer at the root of things from fear and pride. A fear that 'IT might not be true.' The fear of 'what if...' And then pride that tries to “explain” EVERYTHING so that we can have some 'security' from our fear.

    In the end it was FAITH that saved the blind man; and it is FAITH that saves us from ourselves.

    God Bless and Have a good day, Fr. Alfonse!

    - Jessica

  2. Our two children are lucky enough to understand more than their peers all the blessings our family receives each and every day. We went primitive camping quite a bit when they were younger, so they understand the incredible gifts of ready access to food, indoor plumbing, shelter, electricity, air conditioning, and refrigeration that we in America all take for granted nowadays. We used to play a game with them "Which one could you not do without". Water alway wins..."Water of Life!". It would be so cool if it were a school requirement for each child to do a stint of volunteer work in a poverty-stricken area before they can graduate from high school just to see how most of the people in the world have to live. I think the world could truly be changed for the better. Keep up the great thoughts Father Alfonse! We pray for you daily.

  3. Great Meditation Father!

    I always love the Gospels where they tell of Jesus performing miracles. I know we are suppose to just have faith but God knew that we humans sometimes need more to move us along our journey to Him.

    It is interesting to me that sometimes what one person considers a miracle may not be considered a miracle to another.

    Our family had a miracle happen through the life and death of a baby. The Priest who we went through RCIA with Father Marcel Salinas(he was a Franciscan), baptized and buried Emily. I remember him speaking at her funeral about how God sometimes works miracles, and then sometimes chooses not to and lets nature take its course.

    He allows whatever will bring the greatest amount of conversion of souls to Him. And yes, even though her life was so short, it was so rich and full of meaning, her life had a purpose. Her purpose was to bring us, our immediate family and friends all that she touched, to God.

    Ian and I might never know the full extent of her purpose until we are in heaven but I know what it did for us, my siblings, nieces, nephews and parents. She changed us forever.

    And this was critical for my mom who would lose a battle to cancer just five years later. Emily brought her home. You see, my mother grew up in a Germany in a family which was very rich Catholic tradition. However, after time in the US, a painful marriage and hard life, and she harbored much anger towards the church. But she still believed in her heart.

    After Emily, she started talking about God, Jesus and Angels again. She told me about how one my Opa's sister's was a nun and how my Opa took care of the gardens for the "mutter-house" for many years before he died.

    My mother never made it to church before she died but my sister did have aPriest come and give her "the last rights" in the hospital just days before she died. He then looked at my sister and said "she is clean and she is ready to go home." We had a beautiful visitation and funeral Mass for her.

    A few months after my mother passed my sister had a dream with my mother in it. In the dream my mother was thanking her for all she did before she died. And then showed my sister her room in heaven, which was decorated in a beautiful gold color. A room in the Father's mansion.

    So, that is just one part of our miracle. A miracle through the life of one little helpless baby. We are so thankful to God for her life and to her my sweet little Emily, for saying "yes" to God to be our miracle leading us to Him.

    You are in always in my prayers!

    God Bless,

    Rose :)

  4. Beautiful story Rose!!

  5. Rose,

    For the record, Fr. Marcel Salinas, CMS, was a Claretian, not a Franciscan. (Not that it changes anything in your beautiful story; just thought you'd want to know.) Thanks for sharing!


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