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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mt23:1-12 To Practice And To Preach

Mt23:1-12 To Practice And To Preach

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“Treat others as you would have them treat you.” Or, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

These words have radically changed the laws of our humanity. They are the anti-thesis of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. One is divine, the other is diabolic. The first is forever new, the second is well, second-natured. Those who live by Christ's words may not realize how radical they are. They were brought up to think that this is simply human. However, step outside for a moment and it won't take long to realize that Christ’s words are still being...evaluated.

With the de-Christianization of the West, which means the “de-humanization of man”, we find ourselves re-living an all too familiar reality, so common among barbarians: “I will do this for you, if you do this for me.” Or, “I will help you if you help me.” Or, “I will scratch your back if you scratch mine.”

Do I see the subtle difference in what Christ says and in what we say?

Following others is not our strong point as Americans. We pride ourselves of thinking we are independent thinkers. But we are influenced by many forces - too many to list here. Christ spoke to the crowds and to his disciples with authority. His authority came from his Father and we recognize it to be true because it rings true. He could easily have told his followers to rid themselves from the tyrannical Pharisees. Instead, He tells his little flock to obey whatever they say because they sit in positions of authority. His only warning is simple: do not do what they do.

Today, far too many Catholics dissent over Church teachings. The Lord reminds all of us to follow the teachings of the Church. Follow the Bishops of the Church, regardless of whether or not they live what they preach because they speak the truth.

Our Bishops have gone through rough times. In the past, some had listened far too long to secular voices, of pyschologists and of lawyers, rather than the voice of the Holy Spirit. But never have their failings turned into failed teachings, and their message is becoming clearer and clearer. Our way of life helps the Church’s message hit home. Issues such as the sanctity of marriage, of family, the gift of children and life, of the rights of the elderly and of the sick are strikingly painful yet truthful. Why is there so much pain among us? Why so many obsessive behaviors? Is it not related to dysfunctions in the family and in the messages being transmitted by the so-called “fashionable?” As our young prepare for graduation – they need to package themselves – sell themselves. How do they package themselves? With what items do they carry with them? Do they practice what they preach? Maybe. But what is it that they preach? I will help you if you help me?

Christ’s message is radical, as radical as it gets, as radical as two thousand years ago. Christ is not from another age, He is from another world!

It is not enough to just practice what you preach, but to practice to the greatest extent what Christ preached; to be an example of life for others.


  1. From the first reading-

    "Hear the word of the LORD,
    princes of Sodom!
    Listen to the instruction of our God,
    people of Gomorrah!"

    The call to repentence and promise of restoration is addressed to the cities that were synonymous with SIN of the worst kind.

    I suspect that our contemporary culture is at least as sinful as those two cities and probably worse due to technology.

    As I see chastisements taking place at various places around the world and closer to home, I ask myself what I can do besides repenting of my personal sins.

    How can I change the culture of death?

  2. I read a quote that said "The best thing you can be in this life is an example". You're meditation reminded me of how important it is to continually nurture my relationship with Christ. The example he gave of unconditional love is most decidedly out of this world.

  3. Jan,

    There are many little ways that you can change the culture of death.

    1. Pray, fast, sacrifice for that change
    2. Be politically active, (not fun) but important: vote, call your reps, tell them what you want, calling does help, they want you to vote for them again.
    3. Speak up, share information (personally, via email...) with those you come into contact with, educate people around you, it is amazing the misinformation people believe.
    4. Donate to pro life organizations, they all survive on donations alone. (no public funding to save life, only to kill it). I specifically look at what an organization does/accomplishes/how they 'spend' the money that I give to decide which ones to donate to.
    5. Volunteer with pro life organizations. There are many.

    There are many other ways to change the culture of death, but these are all simple ways that anyone can do with minimal time and money to 'invest'.

    I can personally say that I know of a couple of specific people that were influenced by my words or actions that educated them and changed their minds about abortion who are now touching others. And truth just keeps flowing.
    And don't worry if you don't get converts instantly. Both of the specific people that I am thinking of didn't tell me until more than a year later, that my words had changed their hearts. So you never know. And I want to make it clear. They were God's words flowing through me. Honestly I care too much about what others think of me to do this on my own. It has to be the Holy Spirit or I would be silent.

    And Jan, by reading your comments for a while, I can tell you are not afraid to speak the truth and look it in the eye. And you don't seem to allow what others might think of you, to keep you from speaking up. So I think you would be good at sharing the facts about life an death issues. It takes someone bold in the Lord to do stand up to satan. (I'm not talking about those misinformed individuals. I'm talking about the 'culture of death').


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