Meditation is an ideal way to pray. Using God's word (Lectio Divina) allows me to hear, listen and reflect on what the Lord wants to say to me - to one of his disciples - just like He did two thousand years ago.
The best time to reflect is at the beginning of the day and for at least 15 to 30 minutes.
Prior to going to sleep, read the Mass readings for the next day and then, in the morning, reflect on the Meditation offered on this website.
I hope these daily meditations allow you to know, love and imitate the Lord in a more meaningful way.
God bless you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Luke 21:5-11 Between Terror and Trust

Luke 21:5-11 Between Terror and Trust

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Jesus said to some people, “When you hear of wars and insurrections, do not be terrified; for such things must happen first, but it will not immediately be the end…Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom… There will be powerful earthquakes, famines, and plagues from place to place; and awesome sights and mighty signs will come from the sky.”

Why is it that the most beautiful (and most important) moments of our life must be accompanied by terror? Think about when you got married. Wasn’t that day the most beautiful and most terrifying? Or think back to the moment when you gave birth to your first child and how your heart was filled with terror and joy, and all at the same time! Why is it? What is it about life that makes it not only so remarkable, but also so terrifying?

Why is it that we must experience terror while taking the first steps in our life?

I believe there is a sublime law that governs each and every single living creature on earth. It is a law that goes way beyond the instinct to survive. It is the Law of Trust.

In order to survive, we must trust. In order to thrive and to grow we must trust. Without this “trust”, we could never move – forward or back. Without “Trust”, we could never make a point, a dent, a plan or a decision.

Just like our flesh and bones live between earth and sky, our hearts and minds live between terror and trust. But as the body favors the earth more than the sky, so too our hearts and minds must favor trust over terror!

The Lord invites us today to trust in Him, to “not be deceived, for many will come in my name, saying ‘I am he’, and ‘The time has come.’ Do not follow them!”

How often do you hear a priest or nun or religious man or woman talk on a talk show regarding life and death, love and marriage, family and friends, right from wrong? Never! So, are we to assume that they know nothing about these issues? Are we to assume that for two thousand years, we have known nothing about anything human, personal and relational? Or maybe the reason why they never appear is because they are never invited! After all, how else will we keep our society secular?

Do we need to hear from priests? I think so! I simply have to laugh when I hear that we are better than ever in tune with ourselves today and that our godless freedoms have opened our hearts to “newer” and “better things”. Take a look for yourself. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that our global economy and savings are falling, divorce rates are climbing and suicides keep rising! You have to wonder if we have not placed our trust in the wrong experts and have been blindsided by our enlightened minds!

There is, within our soul, a deep and calming sense of not only mystery but of familiarity. We are not haunted by daily thoughts of being a speck or a dot in the Universe. Instead, we can admire our neighbors and look forward to enjoying a quiet walk around the neighborhood. I do not have to feel terror that the day will never end. It’s actually nice to know that the sun will set, the rain will come and sleep will occur.

“Bless the Lord, all you works of the Lord, praise and exalt him above all forever! You heavens, bless the Lord. All you waters above the heavens, bless the Lord! All you hosts of the Lord, bless the Lord!” (Dn 3)

What must I do then? Trust in the Lord! Trust in His Ways! Trust Him in life and in death. Trust Him in sickness and in health. Trust Him for better or for worse. Trust Him now and forever. Trust Him until death, and he “will give you the crown of life.” Alleluia! Alleluia!

Christ is with us. He is physically and spiritually present among us in the Eucharist. The Father decided long ago, that between heaven and earth (between trust and terror) He would bring His Peace down to earth! We have nothing to fear for Christ’s peace is forever here!